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Well, Dann isn't an NPC...
Sun Apr 2, 2017 2:33pm

... but Makes-Things and the Witness (good grief) can definitely go in.

I don't know about Sean. So far as I know, the only person to even mention him since TOS ended is me, and that was retrospective. Would it be right to throw him in without intending to make full use of him?


  • I have some ideas!Mattman The Comet, Sun Apr 2 1:12pm
    In addition to the somewhat obvious Lux, I would like to see Agents Sean, Makes-Things, and Techno-Dann as tributes.
    • Go for it!Delta Juliette, Sun Apr 2 2:46pm
      Agent Dann (he really is Dann, btw, no Techno-) is pretty much given to the community at this point. He's... really not me any more, and I doubt I'll ever return to writing him as a protagonist.
    • Well, Dann isn't an NPC... — Huinesoron, Sun Apr 2 2:33pm
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