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Delta Juliette
Go for it!
Sun Apr 2, 2017 2:46pm

Agent Dann (he really is Dann, btw, no Techno-) is pretty much given to the community at this point. He's... really not me any more, and I doubt I'll ever return to writing him as a protagonist.

  • I have some ideas!Mattman The Comet, Sun Apr 2 1:12pm
    In addition to the somewhat obvious Lux, I would like to see Agents Sean, Makes-Things, and Techno-Dann as tributes.
    • Go for it! — Delta Juliette, Sun Apr 2 2:46pm
    • Well, Dann isn't an NPC...Huinesoron, Sun Apr 2 2:33pm
      ... but Makes-Things and the Witness (good grief) can definitely go in. I don't know about Sean. So far as I know, the only person to even mention him since TOS ended is me, and that was... more
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