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Sergio Turbo
Also, my own commentary of what happened to my Agents!
Mon Apr 3, 2017 10:00am

Keiko seems to have a knack for mirroring her parents' demises - in her first partecipation, she placed exactly like her mother did, and this time she went out with a failed ambush just like her father did in the third edition.

Shiro acted just like I expected him to - keep a low profile, and strike when he sees a good chance.

Saki... well, she seems to have made friends pretty quickly. Was she using the fact that she looks cute and innocent like Sakura Kinomoto to her advantage?

Ami having to withdraw from a struggle for equopment makes perfectly sense - she's quite small physically, and she is trained as a sniper so close quarters is pretty much the opposite of what she can do well. Sicne she likely hasn't got her rifle in there, her making a spear to fight makes sense.

  • Interviews!Sergio Turbo, Mon Apr 3 9:53am
    Keiko ... I really, really suck at this. Last time I placed forty-fifth, this time I didn't even get past the qualifiers. Serves me well for getting involved in an ill-planned ambush and trying to... more
    • Also, my own commentary of what happened to my Agents! — Sergio Turbo, Mon Apr 3 10:00am
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