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Larkus is from the Clone Wars.
Mon Apr 3, 2017 9:46pm

Fell into HQ just a few weeks (or maybe months, still working on the exact timeline) after the war ended, in fact.

I take it from the reference to the Great Hunt that Theo is from the Great War or thereabouts?

And yes, we should. Though I can't help but wonder how well they'd get along. What with the Mandalorian clans' rocky relationship with the Republic and Larkus' own tense encounters with the GAR.

  • When is Larkus from?Novastorme, Sun Apr 2 7:33am
    Because we really should get him and Theo into Rudi's together at some point.
    • Larkus is from the Clone Wars. — Badger421, Mon Apr 3 9:46pm
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