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Tue Apr 4, 2017 3:11pm

Because the enter buttons on trackpads are deserving of a fate worse than death,

The Detective: Claps Jack on the back."There might be hope for you yet, stabbing someone in the back like that! I'm so proud."

Jack: shrugs "Learned that trick from a demon, thought it might work here. Glad it did."

  • Interfacing of viewpoints, Pre & PostAegis, Tue Apr 4 3:07pm
    Pre: The Detective: "Hmm? Oh, I've only done this because Jack wanted me out of the house, and I think it'll be an excellent tactical exercise. The fact he didn't want to go is merely a bonus." Jack: ... more
    • Post Qualifications: — Aegis, Tue Apr 4 3:11pm
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