:( You lot need to update the Wiki more often.
Wed Apr 5, 2017 8:36am

There's half a dozen people in here that I've had to contextually guess genders for (the website requires either an M or an F, so 'they' isn't an option). Then again, I think someone's referred to Morgan as male, so what goes around comes around... I'll add her to the list of things that need tweaking between updates.


  • Interviews!Alleb, Wed Apr 5 8:19am
    POST-QUALIFIERs: Alleb A pit. I fell into a blasted pit! *sighs* Well, at least Sir Jesse remains within the arena. Perhaps he will be able to get some decent training. Oh, Sir Yocherry died as well? ... more
    • :( You lot need to update the Wiki more often. — Huinesoron, Wed Apr 5 8:36am
      • Well, for what it's worth:Iximaz, Wed Apr 5 10:37am
        Rhys and Rhys are both girls, and while Dax's default form is female, she turns into men so often he just picks up whatever pronoun seems most fitting at the moment.
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