Looking at this again...
Wed Apr 5, 2017 10:33am

... I realize that I forgot Caprice and Voltarmi are on the same team and have, in fact, met before. *facepalm* If I may, I'd like to revise her final paragraph:

"Unless I find Voltarmi first. I saw someone riding on her back for just a second as I was zooming through the air. Why didn't I think of that? Next time, that's gonna be me!"

~Neshomeh, dork.

  • Whee, jetpacks!Neshomeh, Tue Apr 4 11:03am
    Shimon: *sits composedly in front of the camera* Well. I do not pretend to understand the lucid and ephemeral nature of these holograms. Some trick or flaw in their design is the only possible... more
    • Looking at this again... — Neshomeh, Wed Apr 5 10:33am
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