Wed Apr 5, 2017 11:25am

Still at the same link.

In which I get my wish, and I utterly crack up.


  • PPC HQ Hunger Games: Season 5 commences.Huinesoron, Mon Apr 3 8:09am
    Episode 1: To Qualify or Not To Qualify I can reveal that everyone who signed up had at least one agent make it through to the main event; that four Boarders still have a full four-Tribute district... more
    • #IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!#Huinesoron, Mon Apr 24 6:09am
      (#Da-da-da da duh, the Final Countdown...#) For the very last time (thank the gods), you can find all the gory details by searching for 'Final Days'. We have a winner. I'm not going to tell you who... more
    • Day 8: The Oncoming StormHuinesoron, Thu Apr 20 8:52am
      Let me put it like this: there were 14 Tributes. There are now 7. And someone has surpassed Holo-Acacia's kill-count. hS
      • The Incoming Storme interviews.Novastorme, Sat Apr 22 3:06pm
        Apollo: I never saw my death coming, literally. Although I really want to meet Suta outside of this now. She didn't have to pretend to want to snuggle for warmth, although it was kind of fun to play... more
      • Dear lord. XDSkarmorySilver, Fri Apr 21 10:35am
        Backslash and Suta are being interviewed together. Backslash looks rather uncomfortable, especially since he's sitting right next to the tyrannosaur he shot to death that day. Backslash: "I... I... more
      • She's got as many kills as the rest of her district combined. Which, considering Shiro and Ami played well and in line with expectations, is quite something. She's also already my best ranking Agent... more
      • Rigging the SystemAegis, Thu Apr 20 4:23pm
        ((No I don't want to apologize and you can't make me.)) Jack: *ahem* "Right, you'll want to hear about that, won't you? Okay. I first got the Idea after I heard they were restocking the Cornucopia. I ... more
      • Zeb is unavailable for comment right now...Iximaz, Thu Apr 20 10:46am
        ...thanks to a long-overdue appointment with FicPsych.
    • Day 7: ONLY THE GOOOOD DIIIIE YOOOONGHuinesoron, Wed Apr 19 10:19am
      In which Dafydd is sad, and I accidentally create myself yet another new character. Oops! hS
      • Day 7 InterviewsNovastorme, Sat Apr 22 3:02pm
        Apollo: (noticeably out of breath) Who the [BEEP] thought it was a good idea to put goblins in this? Nasty little buggers almost killed me, and THEN I was captured by one of the others, thankfully... more
      • Interviewsion.Huinesoron, Thu Apr 20 8:18am
        Kaitlyn: ... oh. Well. Bother. I thought this game was supposed to be about fighting? But the one time I tried it, I got eaten like a basket of mushrooms. Morgan: Staying undercover, staying in the... more
      • Post-Day Seven: Holo-Acacia(?) (and Friends)PoorCynic, Thu Apr 20 8:09am
        The lab is still a mess from the previous day. The whiteboard is now almost completely blank, with only a very simple drawing of a sad face on it. Daphne and Nass are sitting rather glumly at their... more
      • I had the biggest, dumbest grin on my face as soon as I read about said kill, though. I know the RNG doesn't play favorites, but I still hope that if Suta doesn't win, she still goes down fighting.... more
      • Considering both Acacia and Ami (well, she isn't technically an AI simulation, more of a simulation body acting as an host for her ghost) seem to have been sabotaged, either there's an Ai-resenting... more
      • Zeb's nose rests on his front paws.Iximaz, Wed Apr 19 12:22pm
        He doesn't look at the camera. ((I think he's well and truly broken at this point.))
    • Day 6: RAAAAAR.Huinesoron, Tue Apr 18 7:29am
      Right where you left it , search for 'Day 6'. In which we have our first district elimination, and I structure the entire episode around avoiding explaining why someone is wildly OOC. hS
      • Day 6 InterviewsNovastorme , Sat Apr 22 2:57pm
        Apollo: Gotta admit, didn't think I'd survive a run in with a dragon, but it was actually quite good, even if they did leave me before I woke up. I really need to sort my sleep cycle out. I heard the ... more
      • Post-Day Six: Holo-Acacia (and Friends)PoorCynic, Thu Apr 20 7:54am
        Holo-Acacia : Holo-Acacia is currently sitting underneath an artificial tree. There is a concerned look on her face, although it's a bit difficult to tell as her entire form keeps flickering and... more
      • Interviewing!Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 5:38am
        Kaitlyn: I'm making frieeeends. I made friends with this awesome lady who has a steampunky dragon, I am so jealous . I think we got on really well, too - she was certainly much more fun than the Time ... more
      • Day 6 on-timeterviewsLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Tue Apr 18 9:04pm
        The Enervated Rat-Catcher *The bags on his eyes are deep and long and his face has gone red. He is in a sort of daze, leaning against a rock. He looks very enervated.* Hello, PPC legend Acacia Byrd,... more
        • May I also add, Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Tue Apr 18 9:54pm
          that this episode, in particular, was absolutely bloody adorable? Those children are both bloody funny and also really, really accurate to how children act. I suppose you got experience with them,... more
          • Thank you! :-)Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 5:45am
            It's been astonishingly difficult working up the motivation to write the episodes (which is why they keep being both late and weird - 'Dafydd talks to camera' is just dull), so it's good to know the... more
      • Did You Just (Interview)The Triumvirate, Tue Apr 18 5:34pm
        Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain ELIMINATED: 19TH PLACE ... Rat. Did you honestly just push me down an elevator shaft? You turned my death into a mockery. I spent an entire night figuring out how to turn one of my... more
      • ... which is quite good for a character who, in her orginal badfic, was pretty much dead before the story even began. Also, she's probably going to get angry at Daphne for her interpretation. Saki... more
        • But how can you be mad at Daffy? She's adorable.Huinesoron, Tue Apr 18 5:55pm
          She just wanted to be a magical princess! hS
          • And Saki's pretty jealous of her own cuteness.Sergio Turbo, Tue Apr 18 6:05pm
            Don't expect her to be fully rational - she's a twelve years old ball of hyperactivity. But that's also the reaso why she's not goign to be angry for long, I guess. By the way, the image I linked was ... more
            • Yeah, but be kind to the five-year-old. ^_~Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 3:49am
              She's only seen one anime episode ever (at a friend's house), so when you say 'Japanese girl' she immediately jumps to 'magical school uniform'. She'd pretty much wear that if you told her she was... more
              • Pfahaha.Sergio Turbo, Wed Apr 19 6:46am
                Now you'rem aking me believe Saki might be the Nursery's favourite contes-wait. Wait. The Nursery kids are watching the Games?
                • Worrllll...Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 8:14am
                  ... this particular group of kids are involved because they're in the Buds and Sprouts, and because Dafydd's whole family are involved in that movement. I don't think the Illian kids actually go to... more
                  • Not to play devil's advocate too hard, but...Scapegrace, Wed Apr 19 7:15pm
                    Wobbles is a fairly popular figure in the Nursery - and she's in it. I guess it might mean more kids watch it, but at the same time... will the younger kids want to watch HQ's non-ironic Krusty... more
      • Wobbles the Clown is smuggling technology.Scapegrace, Tue Apr 18 11:59am
        Wobbles "If I so much as brush past technological artifacts Bad Stuff starts happening sharpish" the Clown. Is smuggling. Sci-fi. Technology. Well then.
        • It's a screwdriver.Huinesoron, Tue Apr 18 12:11pm
          Not a sonic, laser, or hyper screwdriver. Just a screwdriver. "You don't think this is technology? Show me one in Middle-earth, then!" hS
          • Jewellers use them. Your move. =] (nm)Scapegrace, Wed Apr 19 2:12am
            • What, in Middle-earth?Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 3:55am
              Elven jewellers just, like, sing the pieces together, dwarves hammer them, and humans are too dirty and stupid to make any jewellery in the first place. ^_^ More seriously, in our history,... more
      • Hoooo boy.Iximaz, Tue Apr 18 11:37am
        Dax: "Avandra's [censored], was a 20 Constitution not enough to save me from that? Did I not get a saving throw? The rules of this universe are stupid." She folds her arms and fumes; her hair, which... more
      • Noooo!Neshomeh, Tue Apr 18 10:00am
        Caprice: *sigh* Well, that was embarrassing. Also painful. But at least I'm in the top twenty! Which is kind of why I did it? I was thinking, you know, there's not that many of us left, maybe it's... more
      • Man, just my luck - and everyone else's, for that matter.SkarmorySilver, Tue Apr 18 8:18am
    • Day 5: Movie MutilationsHuinesoron, Tue Apr 11 9:39am
      Still right where it's always been . Search up 'Day 5'. In which we're now down to 21 Tributes, and five Districts with only one player each... but still no District eliminations. Day 6 may end up... more
      • Day 5 even-laterviews.Novastorme, Sat Apr 22 2:49pm
        Apollo: Spent the day on the move, felt like someone was watching me, so I tried to lose them as best I could... I think I've gotta move again, bye. Kaatah: I'm never going near Luxury again... more
      • Day 5 lateterviewLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Tue Apr 18 8:30pm
        The Enervated Rat-Catcher Yeah, dunno. Nuffin much's happened. I saw a lightsaber fight. And I saw someone sharpenin her hair. But other'n that, nuffin much's happened.
      • *hesitantly pokes* (nm)Iximaz, Mon Apr 17 3:12pm
      • Post-Day Five: Holo-Acacia (and Friends)PoorCynic, Wed Apr 12 10:48am
        Holo-Acacia : I don't think that was an overreaction. There are only three things The Phantom Menace should be praised for: the soundtrack, the final battle, and Ewan McGregor. Everything else is... more
      • I Like Stuff (Interview)The Triumvirate, Tue Apr 11 5:54pm
        Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain I am not a hoarder, little voice in my ear. I'm looking for something to use for shoes, since the ones that let me survive well are gone. ...okay, fine, maybe I wanted the dragon... more
      • Farewell, Angel-Face, we hardly knew ye. :(SkarmorySilver, Tue Apr 11 3:36pm
        E.V.L.: "...I'm becoming more and more convinced that the one bloody kill I've had was just a fluke. If I don't get another before dying, Pony Boy is NEVER going to let me live this down." Cupid:... more
      • Revenge of the FifthAegis, Tue Apr 11 2:49pm
        Jack: wearing the stupidest grin "LIGHTSABER DUELS! Ah, nothing finer. You do a couple of backflips, a couple of impractical, flashy sword swings, shout something vague about the high ground, and... more
      • And it's down to only Saki for me.Sergio Turbo, Tue Apr 11 10:48am
        ... Which, conside4ring she's the least skilled of my four contestants for this edition, is quite something unexpected. Shiro Now I understand why Sergio said it's better to stay away from that... more
      • Still hanging in there.Iximaz, Tue Apr 11 10:16am
        Zeb: The Luxury looks rather ashen-faced. He opens his mouth, tries to say something, and lets out a choked sob. Dax: "So, like, my hair's always kind of had a mind of its own when I'm in my natural... more
        • I am not going to draw...Huinesoron, Tue Apr 11 10:22am
          ... Zeb the Luxury. Partly because I can't decide whether it's blonde Zeb with a bikini, or catgirl Lux in Zeb's colours. hS
          • Oh jeez.Iximaz, Tue Apr 11 11:31am
            And this is why I should not post right after waking up. I just create mini-Missingno and mix-n-match agents in one go. -_- (I like catgirl!Lux, for the record...)
      • In which Levy may be starting to get a little insaneMattman The Comet, Tue Apr 11 10:05am
        Matthew walks into his RC, carrying a paper bag. Ellie , Toby , and Ajax all have their eyes glued to the TV Matthew : Heya Ajax, how yah feeling? No response Matthew ( Holding up the bag ): I gotcha ... more
      • Intervieeews.Huinesoron, Tue Apr 11 9:59am
        Kaitlyn: So I hung out with that Time Lady, Morrigan or whatever her name is, but got a bit lost come morning. Sooo I hid behind a waterfall. There were mushrooms. ^_^ Morgan: This is... is anyone... more
    • Day 4: Sociopathic BookendsHuinesoron, Mon Apr 10 9:00am
      You know where it is . You can search the page for 'Day 4' to find the right spot quicker. In which two of our dear PPC agents prove themselves to be scarily manipulative sociopaths. Also: the death... more
      • Day 4 InterviewsNovastorme, Sat Apr 22 2:45pm
        Apollo: Had a nice talk with Evangeline, then overslept and found myself hheld captive by a madwoman, I kind of feel sorry for Ajax, but thankfully his death gave me the time I needed to slip free.... more
      • Day 4 lateterviewsLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Tue Apr 18 8:11pm
        The Enervated Rat-Catcher *he gives a drowsy, bleary thumbs-up, before dropping into sleep. He shudders for a few moments, suddenly bursting awake and howling 'NO, YER NOT ALLOWED THE PORTAL... more
      • Post-Day Four: Holo-Acacia (and Friends)PoorCynic, Wed Apr 12 10:33am
        Holo-Acacia : Water. Yeah. Great thing to give a being made of electricity and light. Thanks. Weapons, on the other hand? Much better gift! Especially when it's a gift you take for yourself!... more
      • Interviews!SkarmorySilver, Tue Apr 11 8:29am
        E.V.L.: "Ho hum, ho hum." *She shakes her head in total disappointment.* "Would somebody please walk up to me and say 'kill me now'? I'm getting pretty thirsty." Cupid: "Hey, there has to be at least ... more
      • Jack's interviewAegis, Mon Apr 10 6:58pm
        Jack: "I was more than happy to work in shifts with those guys. They're professionals, through and through. Just glad Wobbles didn't take Dee's mugging that personally." The subject of Larkus is... more
        • If you wouldn't mind...The Triumvirate, Mon Apr 10 9:23pm
          ...would you be willing to tell me a little about Jack? The only one I can find on the Wiki doesn't sound much like this one. And this one sounds interesting.
          • Not at all. :)Aegis, Tue Apr 11 12:21am
            Not often anyone wants to hear about Jack—my fault for letting the Detective steal the show like the drama queen he is. Jack's a hunter who's been killing creatures scarier than anything in here... more
            • That actually sounds really...The Triumvirate, Tue Apr 11 7:16am
              Well, cool isn't exactly the right word, but it's the one that comes to mind first. Well, second, because 'sweet' happened first. But it's somefin along those lines.
      • Don't Test Me (Interview)The Triumvirate, Mon Apr 10 5:21pm
        Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain I told you to stop talking. It was your fault the replicator broke, not mine. The meal was good. But no, oh no, you just wouldn't. Shut. Up. Well, tell me, then. Since you feel like ... more
      • Day 4 InterviewMikelus, Mon Apr 10 12:10pm
        Evelyn: But...But...But...We were gonna bond over guns! It was gonna be great! But still, to kill me in my sleep. Are we sure she isn't a hunter?
      • Welp, that happened.Iximaz, Mon Apr 10 11:56am
        Thank RNGsus it wasn't mine... Zeb: "I met this really nice shapeshifter last night and we shared stories. She was... well, nice. But I miss my partner." His ears and tail droop. "Sorry, it's just... more
      • ... Uh. I guess I had it coming with Ami.Sergio Turbo, Mon Apr 10 11:26am
        Shiro *looks at his deck of cards* ...I actually have no idea how I managed to play Solitaire with a deck of Magic: The Gathering cards. Or why I even bothered. Kaitlyn was pretty nice to hang out... more
      • Well... that was thing.Mattman The Comet, Mon Apr 10 10:52am
        The camera observes Levy subconsciously invoking an "Out, Damned Spot!" moment in a cave with a stream water moving through. Matthew enters the room, exhaling slightly. He runs over to her, trying to ... more
      • Sole survivor.Neshomeh, Mon Apr 10 10:11am
        Caprice: *opens a hatch and pokes her head out from inside the steampunk dragon* Is she gone? Did I lose her? ... Okay. Whew. I should've known better than to ask Luxury for anything involving the... more
      • My interviews:Huinesoron, Mon Apr 10 9:12am
        Morgan: I... spent some time talking to Grey's partner last night. She's... I think I need to make time to talk to the Notary once I'm out of here. ... no, the repeated use of 'time' doesn't mean I'm ... more
    • Day 3: The Really Cool Deffs.Huinesoron, Thu Apr 6 4:05pm
      Still right where it always was . Search the doc for 'Day 3'. In which there are six deffs deaths, and my lack of inspiration starts to show through... We're down another Boarder, and the only intact ... more
      • Catching Up.Novastorme, Sat Apr 22 2:40pm
        Apollo: I want to be clear on one thing. The ONLY reason I wanted to cuddle up with the Rat-Catcher was so I could stab him with the little dagger I'd found and then pretend he'd died during the... more
      • Post-Day Three: Holo-Acacia (and Friends)PoorCynic, Wed Apr 12 10:15am
        Holo-Acacia : Jelly. She holds up the Jellificator and blows across the barrel (despite the fact that there is no actual smoke coming out of it). An important part of any balanced breakfast of... more
      • Caprice. Wat r u doin.Neshomeh, Mon Apr 10 1:09am
        Caprice: The Ironic Overpower is messing with me. I resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't gonna get to ride Voltarmi and was cool with that day I spent with Suta and those other guys... but then... more
      • Right, now that I've patched up my ego...Granz the Ice Cream Monarch, Sun Apr 9 10:30pm
        Michael Of course that is what I did. I was rather tired yesterday, and I required some rest. ... No, I do not know how they found their way in. However, I must thank Evangeline for killing me before ... more
        • Console, eh?The Triumvirate, Mon Apr 10 4:59pm
          Steele *waggles eyebrows*
      • Interviews, Day 3Aegis, Fri Apr 7 3:05pm
        Jack: "I don't cuddle." ((New team-ups, eh? This ought to be interesting.))
      • Interviews!SkarmorySilver, Fri Apr 7 12:56pm
        E.V.L.: "Finally! I was wondering how soon it would be before I actually managed to kill someone. It was also nice of Suta to help me deal with Michael, because he was putting up quite a struggle... more
      • Day 3 Aftermath InterviewsScapegrace, Fri Apr 7 11:31am
        The Notary ( ELIMINATED: 38TH PLACE ): I am not terribly skilled with a lightsabre, I admit, but I still should have been able to beat a small, bespectacled human. I think the turning point of the... more
      • Interviews.Huinesoron, Fri Apr 7 10:20am
        Morgan : Grey's out. Hmm. Kyaris : I got friends! So that's kind of awesome. I didn't really expect to spend an entire night and a day actually with people. Kaitlyn : I thought Curff was my friend... ... more
      • Day threenterviewsLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Fri Apr 7 2:39am
        The Enervated Rat-Catcher The 'no sleep' fing's gettin me horrid. Hallucinations, everywhere. Havin a hard time tellin what's real and what ain't, but after watchin three people arguin about cuddlin... more
      • Another Day Gone (Interview)The Triumvirate, Thu Apr 6 6:34pm
        Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain A fine meal is a fine meal. I don't mind too much if magic was involved. So, Larkus, you can hush your face and not break any more replicators. They're kind of useful. I am,... more
      • Well, that was fun.Sergio Turbo, Thu Apr 6 5:36pm
        Shiro Sorry for that, kelly, but even if you were sincere... well, I'm sort of taken. Saki would've killed you if I didn't... possibly more slowly and more painfully. And if she were to believe I was ... more
      • Re:Mattman The Comet, Thu Apr 6 5:10pm
        Levy : VIVA LA REVOLUTION! VIVA LA REVOLUTION! CHAIN STALKERS TO TREES! LEAVE THEM TO DIE! VIVA LA REVOLUTION! Ellie : See, this is what happens when someone inexperienced with the mechanics of a... more
      • Day 3 interviewMikelus, Thu Apr 6 4:51pm
        Evelyn: "Well, I got lost, but I made a poisonous thing. I think that's a fair trade. Tomorrow should be more interesting at least...unless I get lost again."
      • Shame on Dafydd.Iximaz, Thu Apr 6 4:35pm
        Leaving his kids to do his job for him? :P Zeb: "Well, I had to team up with somebody today to hide from another tribute. It was... I mean... she was nice, I guess?" Dax: "Woooooo! I'm a ghoooooost!... more
    • Day 2: AHAHAHAHAHA!Huinesoron, Wed Apr 5 11:25am
      • More belated interviewsNovastorme, Sat Apr 22 2:00pm
        Apollo: Saw Kelly in the evening with someone else and then saw they had a follower, so yes I was thinking about her, partially wondering if she'd get a double kill, but also hoping I'd be able to... more
      • Post-Day Two: Holo-Acacia (and Friends)PoorCynic, Wed Apr 12 9:45am
        ((OOC: Sorry it took so long for me to post these, I've been getting bogged down with RL stuff.)) Holo-Acacia : So yeah, the leg thing… She looks down at her leg, which occasionally glitches and... more
      • Day 2 InterviewMikelus, Thu Apr 6 5:01pm
        Evelyn: "I tried to team up with some people and I think that went ok. There were some weird ghost things going on though. I thought I saw that Time Lady, but now I'm not sure."
      • What a day!Neshomeh, Thu Apr 6 10:16am
        Caprice: It's too bad Voltarmi's out, but I got to ride Suta instead! Our little team didn't wreak fearsome Cretaceous devastation on anyone, but that's okay. We had fun. And I got to hang out with... more
      • Interviews Day 2Phobos, Thu Apr 6 9:40am
        ((Apologies for my lack of interviews. Incredibly busy week at work)) Voltarmi: I knew I should have stuck with the ghost ploy. But what can you do? Sometimes a dinosaur comes along and steals your... more
      • And my interviews.Huinesoron, Thu Apr 6 7:11am
        Kyaris: Pfft, did they think they could scare me? I wasn't scared... I wasn't! Didn't you see me chasing Levy around later? Is that the action of a scared woman? I ask you! Morgan : I'm not saying... more
        • Day 2 Aftermath InterviewsScapegrace, Thu Apr 6 7:38am
          The Notary: I wasn't warm. She was. What more is there to discuss? Besides, we just... talked. Nothing untoward happened, because Morgan does actually have some standards. And, well... I shared a... more
      • Day twonterviews!Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Thu Apr 6 4:12am
        The Enervated Rat-Catcher Met some chaps, and we all decided we'd work together to get a nice sleep, shifts and whatnot. Didn't work. I ain't slept for days, now. Every time I close my eyes, I have... more
      • Interviews!SkarmorySilver, Wed Apr 5 8:16pm
        E.V.L.: "So it seems that even this carnival of carnage isn't going to keep a lady from getting her beauty sleep." Cupid: "GYAAAAH! MAKES-THINGS, I ALREADY SAID I WAS SORRY ABOUT THE INCIDENT WITH... more
      • Welp. That was a night.Granz the Ice Cream Monarch, Wed Apr 5 7:20pm
        Michael One moment... excellent. This shall serve. Thank you for your patience. My apologies if I would rather be brief today, but, well, I was up all night. I did my best to sleep, but neither Dax... more
      • I leave Saki on her own for this thing...Sergio Turbo, Wed Apr 5 5:32pm
        ... and she goes and takes part in the slaying of a freaking dragon. The thing is, I can totally imagine her going for it given the chance. (Though, since the slaying of Voltarmi seems to be mostly... more
      • Ellie looks at her bow, then back to the camera.Mattman The Comet, Wed Apr 5 3:17pm
        Ellie : RUDIMENTARY?! YOU CALL THIS RUDIMENTARY!? She takes a breath. WhileIdoadmitthatthisweapondoeslookrather rudimentary... more
      • Time For Tea (Interview)The Triumvirate, Wed Apr 5 1:59pm
        Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain So those days happened. Yes, Kaatah, I did hear you - Caprice was just quicker. No, Dann, that did not scare me. My eye was watering from the suppression of my laughter at how... more
      • Legard: Welp, I'm dead.Hardric, Wed Apr 5 1:27pm
        Guess it's normal, getting jumped by surprise never do any good. And I'm still not getting how the duck I found myself being nursed to sleep by that Time Lord. Too damn weird. Now, normally I'd be... more
      • Detective R.I.P.Aegis, Wed Apr 5 1:08pm
        The Detective: "Excellent, right—got the cameras going, there's the bit with the interviews, and I can leave? Right, brilliant. I died." sits expectantly "Well, what do you mean you want more? I'm... more
      • Interviews.Alleb, Wed Apr 5 12:48pm
        Alleb Bravo, Sir Jesse, bravo! The dragon never stood a chance. I shall make a true knight of you yet! Jesse *is downing his entire flask of whiskey in one go* Errant I like the SciFi Sector! It... more
      • Welp, Zeb's hanging in there.Iximaz, Wed Apr 5 11:35am
        Zeb: "Like I said, I'm gonna win this for the Aviator and Elanor! Oh, and Ave—if you're watching, give her hugs for me!" Dax: "Man, even though we're in the middle of a giant death arena, that Cupid... more
    • Post Qualifier and Day 1 InterviewMikelus, Tue Apr 4 6:17pm
      Post Qualifier: Evelyn: I'm disappointed. I wasn't able to make a flamethrower before the Qualifier ended. Ah well, better luck next time. Day 1: Evelyn: No chocolate, and no fires to cheer me up. I... more
    • Post-Qualifier and Day 1 Interviews!SkarmorySilver, Tue Apr 4 6:10pm
      E.V.L.: - POST-QUALIFIER: "I amn not sorry, Kur'nak. Not at all. And hey, Anneli died, too, so I suppose I got everything I wanted in the end. Oh, and Curff? Don't pat yourself on the back just yet.... more
    • Interfacing of viewpoints, Pre & PostAegis, Tue Apr 4 3:07pm
      Pre: The Detective: "Hmm? Oh, I've only done this because Jack wanted me out of the house, and I think it'll be an excellent tactical exercise. The fact he didn't want to go is merely a bonus." Jack: ... more
      • Post Qualifications:Aegis, Tue Apr 4 3:11pm
        Because the enter buttons on trackpads are deserving of a fate worse than death, The Detective: Claps Jack on the back. "There might be hope for you yet, stabbing someone in the back like that! I'm... more
    • Oh dear!HerrWozzeck, Tue Apr 4 7:54am
      Well, lemme get some prequalifier interviews, plus some post-qualifier interviews. Here we go: Florestan: I mean, it wasn't totally my idea, you know! We all just figured we'd jump in, say hello, and ... more
    • Views of the 'inter' varietyLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Tue Apr 4 7:06am
      Yocherry Awww, it ent right, boss, I get smacked fair and square and go through, and she just gets stabbed and is done. It ent! She'd bunged my eyes, so I thought that other fellow was her. Kept... more
    • Day 1: Yakety SaxHuinesoron, Tue Apr 4 6:53am
      At the same link In which seven agents die, Herr Wozzeck becomes the first Boarder to lose their entire cast (hard luck there!), and we all get to imagine the Notary clinging screaming to a jetpack.... more
      • Some belated interviews.Novastorme, Sat Apr 22 1:53pm
        And you'll get a double whammy of them as well (seeing as I don't know where else to put the Post-Qualifier interviews). Post Qualifier. Apollo: The qualifier was fun, well if you count a day and a... more
        • Uh, Kataah?Hieronymus Graubart, Sun Apr 23 1:59pm
          Running into The Sunflower's Witness may be quite confusing, but mistaking her for a sentient flower is unheard of. How did you manage to do this? HG
          • My visor was slightly fogged up. Novastorme, Sun Apr 23 10:00pm
            ... And I think my emergency induction port was slightly contaminated when I last used it to drink. I was running a slight fever I believe. ((AKA Critical Research Failure))
      • Day 1 InterviewsHerrWozzeck, Wed Apr 12 8:43am
        Sorry for the long wait! I had a lot going on! Anyway, Eusabius' Day 1 interview, at long last: Eusabius: "I... did not expect to go out so quickly. I am almost disappointed, to be honest: I was... more
      • InterviewsAegis, Wed Apr 5 12:55pm
        Jack: "I knew meds were gonna be the most valuable supplies later. I didn't know I was gonna be the one needing them." The Detective: "I saw some food, thought to myself, 'Most everyone on my team... more
      • Post-Day One: Holo-Acacia (and Friends)PoorCynic, Wed Apr 5 11:56am
        ((OOC: As requested by hS. I've added a little something to… well, add a little something.)) Holo-Acacia : Right out of the gate, someone tries to jump me! Well, that might have worked on Holo-Jay,... more
      • Interviews!Alleb, Wed Apr 5 8:19am
        POST-QUALIFIERs: Alleb A pit. I fell into a blasted pit! *sighs* Well, at least Sir Jesse remains within the arena. Perhaps he will be able to get some decent training. Oh, Sir Yocherry died as well? ... more
        • :( You lot need to update the Wiki more often.Huinesoron, Wed Apr 5 8:36am
          There's half a dozen people in here that I've had to contextually guess genders for (the website requires either an M or an F, so 'they' isn't an option). Then again, I think someone's referred to... more
          • Well, for what it's worth:Iximaz, Wed Apr 5 10:37am
            Rhys and Rhys are both girls, and while Dax's default form is female, she turns into men so often he just picks up whatever pronoun seems most fitting at the moment.
      • Saxety YakLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Wed Apr 5 2:52am
        Yocherry Nevermind about that 'smash' thing I said. Nevermind that. There ent smashen, not today. *He punches the wall to his side, leaving an imprint of his fist.* I'm usually better than this!... more
      • Holo-Acacia and the Sunflower's Witness? Okay.Granz the Ice Cream Monarch, Wed Apr 5 12:49am
        If they're in my district, alright. This is totally fine. Yup. Ignore the burning house, everything's fine, really. Michael I am not quite sure what it is that causes others to run from me when I am... more
      • Re: Day 1: Yakety SaxAnonymous, Tue Apr 4 5:03pm
        Shiro and Saki (because them both crafting potion means they were together, right?) Shiro: So, this morning I tried teaming up with this Barid dude... I think he was a troll? The good kind of troll,... more
      • Interview.Hardric, Tue Apr 4 12:56pm
        Legard: Well, I'll grant you this, Yocherry, the Notary was indeed strapped to a jetpack, and the sight was indeed really funny. Sorry for killing you, but I'd have to turn my back to you, while you... more
      • "That wasn't curare."Iximaz, Tue Apr 4 12:20pm
        Rhyslea: "Do you hear me? That wasn't curare! Whoever's up there laughing at me because I died from tasting curare , knock it off!" Zeb: "So, uh, I got all this chocolate in the hopes it would... more
      • Whee, jetpacks!Neshomeh, Tue Apr 4 11:03am
        Shimon: *sits composedly in front of the camera* Well. I do not pretend to understand the lucid and ephemeral nature of these holograms. Some trick or flaw in their design is the only possible... more
        • Looking at this again...Neshomeh, Wed Apr 5 10:33am
          ... I realize that I forgot Caprice and Voltarmi are on the same team and have, in fact, met before. *facepalm* If I may, I'd like to revise her final paragraph: "Unless I find Voltarmi first. I saw... more
      • What Just Happened? (Interviews)The Triumvirate, Tue Apr 4 10:47am
        Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain Well. That was... interesting. I didn't even have a weapon yet. Am I so fearsome that the sight of me causes others to flee? Admittedly, it was incredibly amusing to watch, but... more
      • Day 1 Interviews!Mattman The Comet, Tue Apr 4 10:25am
        Matthew : Okay Ajax, that was uncalled for. All I suggested was a team up but you went all mental on me. Dramatic Soap Opera Music plays I'm hurt, my own partner, attempting to strike me down! A... more
      • Interviews for Day 1Huinesoron, Tue Apr 4 9:39am
        Kyaris: Phew! That biped who smelt of rats was more dangerous than he looked! If this wasn't a hologram, I think I'd be down another head after that fight! Morgan: I got to ride a dragon. I got. To... more
      • Day 1 Aftermath InterviewsScapegrace, Tue Apr 4 8:16am
        The Notary: HOW THE [CENSORED] DO YOU [CENSORED] FLY THIS [ VERY CENSORED] THING AAAAAAAAH- Wobbles The Clown: Man, I'm hungry. And bushed. I've done a loooooot of running in my life, most of it away ... more
      • ^_^ ("I AM NOT HAVING A GOOD DAY", in Circular Gallifreyan. Yup.) hS
    • Pre and Post Qualifs Interviews for Legard.Hardric, Mon Apr 3 1:35pm
      Pre-Qualif Interview: Well, I'll let you know I had some pretty important... professional projects for this spring, but you guys just had to begin to clean up your locals way too much, and Marina is... more
    • Post-Qualifier InterviewsMattman The Comet, Mon Apr 3 12:47pm
      Matthew : So I've come up with this awesome plan of running away. I regret this plan. A lot. And apparently Albert just wanted to team up, so that was a useless bout of running. Also, was that Ellie... more
    • Interviews!Huinesoron, Mon Apr 3 12:10pm
      Kyaris: I think that was a good start! As last year's Champion, I was obviously in demand during the qualifiers, and I did my best to help people out. I had this little team going during the day,... more
    • What the hay, Shimon?Neshomeh, Mon Apr 3 11:38am
      Why're you being so... friendly? O.o Let's find out together! But first: Caprice: Woo-hoo, I made it into the real Games! With a shovel! Look, don't underestimate the power of a good shovel. It's a... more
    • Interviews!Sergio Turbo, Mon Apr 3 9:53am
      Keiko ... I really, really suck at this. Last time I placed forty-fifth, this time I didn't even get past the qualifiers. Serves me well for getting involved in an ill-planned ambush and trying to... more
      • Also, my own commentary of what happened to my Agents!Sergio Turbo, Mon Apr 3 10:00am
        Keiko seems to have a knack for mirroring her parents' demises - in her first partecipation, she placed exactly like her mother did, and this time she went out with a failed ambush just like her... more
    • Post-Qualifier InterviewsScapegrace, Mon Apr 3 9:30am
      Gabrielle ( ELIMINATED: 50th PLACE ): Uuuum, that was way less fun than I was expecting. I was fighting this super big guy, because I thought that that was what you were supposed to do, but whenit... more
    • Post-Qualifier InterviewsGranz the Ice Cream Monarch, Mon Apr 3 9:17am
      Apecian OH, COME ON! NOT EVEN ONE DAY? Apecian paces around the room, irritated at not having a table to flip. I can't believe I got killed on the first day. Seriously. I mean, I guess I did kinda... more
    • Battle High (interviews)The Triumvirate, Mon Apr 3 9:09am
      Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain Well. I haven't been in a match like that before. I will admit, a few of these people have a certain artistic touch that I haven't seen in quite a while. Special mention to Cupid,... more
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