Post-Day One: Holo-Acacia (and Friends)
Wed Apr 5, 2017 11:56am

((OOC: As requested by hS. I've added a little something to… well, add a little something.))

Holo-Acacia: Right out of the gate, someone tries to jump me! Well, that might have worked on Holo-Jay, but I'm not exactly a stranger to this. A little bit of improvised teamwork, and two competitors are already out of the way.

Also, someone stole my food. Good thing I don't need to eat, or else I'd be pretty hacked off.


Rather than one of the four quadrants of the current Hunger Games, this camera seems to be set in a rather spartan lab. There are two individuals standing in view, with a third sitting at a nearby computer. All of them are wearing black lab coats with DoSAT patches. The one closest to the camera, a tanned, middle-aged woman with greying hair tied into a bedraggled bun, clears her throat.

DStA: Hello to you, fine viewers! My name is Dr. Daphne St. Auguste, of the Testing and Application Division in the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology. These are my colleagues: Tess Jachowicz—

She gestures to a younger woman with braided brown hair and glasses standing behind her.

TJ: A pleasure!

DStA: —and Naas'Gehlen vas Headquarters.

She points over at a male quarian typing away at the computer, who gives a casual salute without looking over at the camera.

DStA: We are the team behind Holo-Jay and Holo-Acacia. The technology was originally meant to supplement agents working in the field, but apparently there were "concerns" about dispatching holograms.

TJ: Along with complaints from the Friends of AI Society.

DStA: Which were ridiculous! The holograms are not "true" AI. A true AI would have the capability to self-rationalize and expand beyond—

TJ: Ah, ma'am? You're starting to ramble.

DStA: Was I?

NGvH: *without looking around* Yup.

DStA: All right, very well. As I was saying before, we are the team behind Holo-Jay and Holo-Acacia. And while Holo-Jay has fallen a bit short of our expectations—

Naas'Gehlen snorts. Daphne shoots him a quick glare.

DStA: We are quite confident in the performance of Holo-Acacia. Not only have we incorporated all the data acquired from its performance in the previous games into the current model, we have also taken steps to make its personality more like the original Acacia.

TJ: It was sort of just on a default mode last time.

DStA: In any event, we are quite confident in our creation and hope that it can win some fans! And perhaps a bit of support from the Board for our proposals.

NGvH: You said that last part out loud, doc.

DStA: What's your point?

The camera feed ends.

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