Sergio Turbo
I leave Saki on her own for this thing...
Wed Apr 5, 2017 5:32pm

... and she goes and takes part in the slaying of a freaking dragon. The thing is, I can totally imagine her going for it given the chance.

(Though, since the slaying of Voltarmi seems to be mostly Jesse's doing, it means she's bagged the Detective? I guess having gotten killed by a twelve-year-old anime girl (and one looking like the Friendly-To_All-Living-Things Sakura Kinomoto to boot) really does explain why he's so reticent in his interview...)


The night was rather uneventful for me, and during the day I got myself a high tech rifle of sorts alongside a team, but we didn't find anyone so in the end we didn't accomplish much... Wait, Saki did WHAT?


Someone stole my stuff during the night, but then WE KILLED A DRAGON! Well, Mr. Cowboy did, but I guess I was a good distraction? And then I did get that other guy!


I think the most interesting thing happening today was me helping that Time Lady set up an hologram. Or, rather, I was the template she reverse engineered to do that. Y'now, me being an holographic ghost and all...

For the record, Saki loos more or less like this.
This cute girl (well, one looking exactly like her) just helped slay a DRAGON and killed a TIME LORD.. What has the RNG done?

  • Day 2: AHAHAHAHAHA!Huinesoron, Wed Apr 5 11:25am
    Still at the same link. In which I get my wish, and I utterly crack up . hS
    • More belated interviewsNovastorme, Sat Apr 22 2:00pm
      Apollo: Saw Kelly in the evening with someone else and then saw they had a follower, so yes I was thinking about her, partially wondering if she'd get a double kill, but also hoping I'd be able to... more
    • Post-Day Two: Holo-Acacia (and Friends)PoorCynic, Wed Apr 12 9:45am
      ((OOC: Sorry it took so long for me to post these, I've been getting bogged down with RL stuff.)) Holo-Acacia : So yeah, the leg thing… She looks down at her leg, which occasionally glitches and... more
    • Day 2 InterviewMikelus, Thu Apr 6 5:01pm
      Evelyn: "I tried to team up with some people and I think that went ok. There were some weird ghost things going on though. I thought I saw that Time Lady, but now I'm not sure."
    • What a day!Neshomeh, Thu Apr 6 10:16am
      Caprice: It's too bad Voltarmi's out, but I got to ride Suta instead! Our little team didn't wreak fearsome Cretaceous devastation on anyone, but that's okay. We had fun. And I got to hang out with... more
    • Interviews Day 2Phobos, Thu Apr 6 9:40am
      ((Apologies for my lack of interviews. Incredibly busy week at work)) Voltarmi: I knew I should have stuck with the ghost ploy. But what can you do? Sometimes a dinosaur comes along and steals your... more
    • And my interviews.Huinesoron, Thu Apr 6 7:11am
      Kyaris: Pfft, did they think they could scare me? I wasn't scared... I wasn't! Didn't you see me chasing Levy around later? Is that the action of a scared woman? I ask you! Morgan : I'm not saying... more
      • Day 2 Aftermath InterviewsScapegrace, Thu Apr 6 7:38am
        The Notary: I wasn't warm. She was. What more is there to discuss? Besides, we just... talked. Nothing untoward happened, because Morgan does actually have some standards. And, well... I shared a... more
    • Day twonterviews!Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Thu Apr 6 4:12am
      The Enervated Rat-Catcher Met some chaps, and we all decided we'd work together to get a nice sleep, shifts and whatnot. Didn't work. I ain't slept for days, now. Every time I close my eyes, I have... more
    • Interviews!SkarmorySilver, Wed Apr 5 8:16pm
      E.V.L.: "So it seems that even this carnival of carnage isn't going to keep a lady from getting her beauty sleep." Cupid: "GYAAAAH! MAKES-THINGS, I ALREADY SAID I WAS SORRY ABOUT THE INCIDENT WITH... more
    • Welp. That was a night.Granz the Ice Cream Monarch, Wed Apr 5 7:20pm
      Michael One moment... excellent. This shall serve. Thank you for your patience. My apologies if I would rather be brief today, but, well, I was up all night. I did my best to sleep, but neither Dax... more
    • I leave Saki on her own for this thing... — Sergio Turbo, Wed Apr 5 5:32pm
    • Time For Tea (Interview)The Triumvirate, Wed Apr 5 1:59pm
      Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain So those days happened. Yes, Kaatah, I did hear you - Caprice was just quicker. No, Dann, that did not scare me. My eye was watering from the suppression of my laughter at how... more
    • Legard: Welp, I'm dead.Hardric, Wed Apr 5 1:27pm
      Guess it's normal, getting jumped by surprise never do any good. And I'm still not getting how the duck I found myself being nursed to sleep by that Time Lord. Too damn weird. Now, normally I'd be... more
    • Detective R.I.P.Aegis, Wed Apr 5 1:08pm
      The Detective: "Excellent, right—got the cameras going, there's the bit with the interviews, and I can leave? Right, brilliant. I died." sits expectantly "Well, what do you mean you want more? I'm... more
    • Interviews.Alleb, Wed Apr 5 12:48pm
      Alleb Bravo, Sir Jesse, bravo! The dragon never stood a chance. I shall make a true knight of you yet! Jesse *is downing his entire flask of whiskey in one go* Errant I like the SciFi Sector! It... more
    • Welp, Zeb's hanging in there.Iximaz, Wed Apr 5 11:35am
      Zeb: "Like I said, I'm gonna win this for the Aviator and Elanor! Oh, and Ave—if you're watching, give her hugs for me!" Dax: "Man, even though we're in the middle of a giant death arena, that Cupid... more
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