Day 2 Aftermath Interviews
Thu Apr 6, 2017 7:38am

The Notary: I wasn't warm. She was. What more is there to discuss? Besides, we just... talked. Nothing untoward happened, because Morgan does actually have some standards. And, well... I shared a memory. A few, actually; ones from my fourth incarnation. Why I am the thing that I am. I doubt it endeared me to her, because I doubt that this version of myself is capable of engendering anything other than the most vehement disgust, but I felt she deserved to know.

Wobbles the Clown (KILL COUNT +1): ... I killed someone on my own team. Because I had to. Because if I didn't, then I don't think I could kill anyone. So, so it was him, because I knew I could do that to him. I wonder if it gets easier.

I hope not...

  • And my interviews.Huinesoron, Thu Apr 6 7:11am
    Kyaris: Pfft, did they think they could scare me? I wasn't scared... I wasn't! Didn't you see me chasing Levy around later? Is that the action of a scared woman? I ask you! Morgan : I'm not saying... more
    • Day 2 Aftermath Interviews — Scapegrace, Thu Apr 6 7:38am
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