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twistedwindowpane (Twistey)
Maybe not all of that...
Thu Apr 6, 2017 5:58pm

(Despite not being a PPCer, I think I have a say in this since I design a lot of characters.)

I like long coats as well (or just jackets), but more in the Sherlock kind of way, or perhaps the way that General Hux does it in Star Wars Ep 7. It makes you look very intelligent. I'm also partial to high collars and high boots. Also, any sort of shirt or jscket that fastens sideways! I don't know much about the personality of this Aviator girl, but I'm just offering a few things that I often do.


  • Dahling, only coats!Matt Cipher, Sat Apr 1 3:13pm
    Long leather coats are basically saying, "I can kick your butt, and looking awesome doing it! Also, I'm so deep and misunderstood in this modern society, and they don't understand me at all!"... more
    • Maybe not all of that... — twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Thu Apr 6 5:58pm
      • This topic, and a couple of others as well, were actually April Fools ones in which we roleplayed being from the Mirror multiverse. What you see in these topics is basically us parodyzing Suethors.... more
        • I disagree with that idea.Huinesoron, Fri Apr 7 9:55am
          The Nameless Admin exists to get rid of trolls and spam, and to protect people's identities when they accidentally get leaked. Using it for anything else just leads to people demanding changes which... more
        • Well then! If that's the case!twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Fri Apr 7 9:18am
          (Suethor mode, activate! Grammar cringe warning :P) i haf 2 agree w/ whoevr said as little clothin as posibul cuz how else can u get all the boiz to luv u if ur not shmexay?!?!?!?1?!//!??1/ -twizzlers
    • I like coats as well!ThatAnnoyingTurbo, Sat Apr 1 4:27pm
      But I think black, hooded cloaks are cool as well. They're perfect for rogueish characters, and they give that aura of mystery as well. The only thing I'm uncertain about is that they cover ammo... more
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