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Hieronymus Graubart
Beware the native Krautpicker.
Sun Apr 9, 2017 4:02pm

Yeah, there are definitely German speakers here, and speakers of many other languages.

I guess you meant has the final say on whether I need permission or not?

Actually, we try to be as basic democratic as we can bee, so everybody may have a say in everything, but when it comes to holding up the rules and traditions, we usually listen to people who have been there and remember the precedence. (And then somebody will complain that Huinesoron is the quasi-dictator of the PPC because everybody listens to him. He isn't; there are just very few people who have been around longer than him.)


  • Knew this was gonna happen...twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Sun Apr 9 2:34pm
    (I JUST CHECKED THE WIKI AND FOUND OUT THAT I WAS WRONG AND THEN I READ THIS POST AND I JUST...! Sorry, caps lock was necessary there. I know y'all have a thing about caps lock.) Darnit! Darnit... more
    • Beware the native Krautpicker. — Hieronymus Graubart, Sun Apr 9 4:02pm
      • Figured as much.twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Sun Apr 9 4:58pm
        1. Probably went without saying, considering this is a massive online community and I just- I don't know. Can somebody teach me some more German? So far the extent of my vocabulary is insults, curse... more
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