Welp, that happened.
Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:56am

Thank RNGsus it wasn't mine...

Zeb: "I met this really nice shapeshifter last night and we shared stories. She was... well, nice. But I miss my partner." His ears and tail droop. "Sorry, it's just not the same playing in the games without her."

Dax: The changeling looks almost unusually somber. "Remind me why that kid hasn't been given a nice retirement already?"

  • Day 4: Sociopathic BookendsHuinesoron, Mon Apr 10 9:00am
    You know where it is . You can search the page for 'Day 4' to find the right spot quicker. In which two of our dear PPC agents prove themselves to be scarily manipulative sociopaths. Also: the death... more
    • Day 4 InterviewsNovastorme, Sat Apr 22 2:45pm
      Apollo: Had a nice talk with Evangeline, then overslept and found myself hheld captive by a madwoman, I kind of feel sorry for Ajax, but thankfully his death gave me the time I needed to slip free.... more
    • Day 4 lateterviewsLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Tue Apr 18 8:11pm
      The Enervated Rat-Catcher *he gives a drowsy, bleary thumbs-up, before dropping into sleep. He shudders for a few moments, suddenly bursting awake and howling 'NO, YER NOT ALLOWED THE PORTAL... more
    • Post-Day Four: Holo-Acacia (and Friends)PoorCynic, Wed Apr 12 10:33am
      Holo-Acacia : Water. Yeah. Great thing to give a being made of electricity and light. Thanks. Weapons, on the other hand? Much better gift! Especially when it's a gift you take for yourself!... more
    • Jack's interviewAegis, Mon Apr 10 6:58pm
      Jack: "I was more than happy to work in shifts with those guys. They're professionals, through and through. Just glad Wobbles didn't take Dee's mugging that personally." The subject of Larkus is... more
      • If you wouldn't mind...The Triumvirate, Mon Apr 10 9:23pm
        ...would you be willing to tell me a little about Jack? The only one I can find on the Wiki doesn't sound much like this one. And this one sounds interesting.
        • Not at all. :)Aegis, Tue Apr 11 12:21am
          Not often anyone wants to hear about Jack—my fault for letting the Detective steal the show like the drama queen he is. Jack's a hunter who's been killing creatures scarier than anything in here... more
          • That actually sounds really...The Triumvirate, Tue Apr 11 7:16am
            Well, cool isn't exactly the right word, but it's the one that comes to mind first. Well, second, because 'sweet' happened first. But it's somefin along those lines.
    • Don't Test Me (Interview)The Triumvirate, Mon Apr 10 5:21pm
      Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain I told you to stop talking. It was your fault the replicator broke, not mine. The meal was good. But no, oh no, you just wouldn't. Shut. Up. Well, tell me, then. Since you feel like ... more
    • Day 4 InterviewMikelus, Mon Apr 10 12:10pm
      Evelyn: But...But...But...We were gonna bond over guns! It was gonna be great! But still, to kill me in my sleep. Are we sure she isn't a hunter?
    • Welp, that happened. — Iximaz, Mon Apr 10 11:56am
    • ... Uh. I guess I had it coming with Ami.Sergio Turbo, Mon Apr 10 11:26am
      Shiro *looks at his deck of cards* ...I actually have no idea how I managed to play Solitaire with a deck of Magic: The Gathering cards. Or why I even bothered. Kaitlyn was pretty nice to hang out... more
    • Sole survivor.Neshomeh, Mon Apr 10 10:11am
      Caprice: *opens a hatch and pokes her head out from inside the steampunk dragon* Is she gone? Did I lose her? ... Okay. Whew. I should've known better than to ask Luxury for anything involving the... more
    • My interviews:Huinesoron, Mon Apr 10 9:12am
      Morgan: I... spent some time talking to Grey's partner last night. She's... I think I need to make time to talk to the Notary once I'm out of here. ... no, the repeated use of 'time' doesn't mean I'm ... more
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