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Not at all. :)
Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:21am

Not often anyone wants to hear about Jack—my fault for letting the Detective steal the show like the drama queen he is.

Jack's a hunter who's been killing creatures scarier than anything in here since he was twelve, trying to keep people safe, and has, even more frighteningly, managed to keep himself nice.

The idea that I've been developing since he's been in the games (and only recently become aware of) is that the Games are very much like the hunting life. Paranoid, sleeping rough, and making sure your goal isn't winning, just surviving. The PPC is kind of a nice place for him.

He went nuts a long time ago—considering his backstory, it's more implausible that he wouldn't have, but he's a stoic who keeps the whole angst deal under wraps because it gets in the way of his job.

Jack's a professional killer, like all hunters. He just doesn't act like one.

—Aegis, who is really working very hard to curb his Edgelord tendencies, honest.

  • If you wouldn't mind...The Triumvirate, Mon Apr 10 9:23pm
    ...would you be willing to tell me a little about Jack? The only one I can find on the Wiki doesn't sound much like this one. And this one sounds interesting.
    • Not at all. :) — Aegis, Tue Apr 11 12:21am
      • That actually sounds really...The Triumvirate, Tue Apr 11 7:16am
        Well, cool isn't exactly the right word, but it's the one that comes to mind first. Well, second, because 'sweet' happened first. But it's somefin along those lines.
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