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Revenge of the Fifth
Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:49pm

Jack: wearing the stupidest grin "LIGHTSABER DUELS! Ah, nothing finer. You do a couple of backflips, a couple of impractical, flashy sword swings, shout something vague about the high ground, and boom! Guaranteed win. That's the most fun I've had all games. . . . What are you looking at me like that for? I didn't keep it, no. That'd be all against the rules and stuff." nods sagely

"And yeah, Dax and the Enervated Rat Catcher there were good guys. 10 out of 10, would hunt—er, well, work with again." cameraman brings up Dax's interview "Oh, she mentioned me? What'd she do that for?" stares at the camera in utter confusion

  • Day 5: Movie MutilationsHuinesoron, Tue Apr 11 9:39am
    Still right where it's always been . Search up 'Day 5'. In which we're now down to 21 Tributes, and five Districts with only one player each... but still no District eliminations. Day 6 may end up... more
    • Day 5 even-laterviews.Novastorme, Sat Apr 22 2:49pm
      Apollo: Spent the day on the move, felt like someone was watching me, so I tried to lose them as best I could... I think I've gotta move again, bye. Kaatah: I'm never going near Luxury again... more
    • Day 5 lateterviewLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Tue Apr 18 8:30pm
      The Enervated Rat-Catcher Yeah, dunno. Nuffin much's happened. I saw a lightsaber fight. And I saw someone sharpenin her hair. But other'n that, nuffin much's happened.
    • Post-Day Five: Holo-Acacia (and Friends)PoorCynic, Wed Apr 12 10:48am
      Holo-Acacia : I don't think that was an overreaction. There are only three things The Phantom Menace should be praised for: the soundtrack, the final battle, and Ewan McGregor. Everything else is... more
    • I Like Stuff (Interview)The Triumvirate, Tue Apr 11 5:54pm
      Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain I am not a hoarder, little voice in my ear. I'm looking for something to use for shoes, since the ones that let me survive well are gone. ...okay, fine, maybe I wanted the dragon... more
    • Farewell, Angel-Face, we hardly knew ye. :(SkarmorySilver, Tue Apr 11 3:36pm
      E.V.L.: "...I'm becoming more and more convinced that the one bloody kill I've had was just a fluke. If I don't get another before dying, Pony Boy is NEVER going to let me live this down." Cupid:... more
    • Revenge of the Fifth — Aegis, Tue Apr 11 2:49pm
    • And it's down to only Saki for me.Sergio Turbo, Tue Apr 11 10:48am
      ... Which, conside4ring she's the least skilled of my four contestants for this edition, is quite something unexpected. Shiro Now I understand why Sergio said it's better to stay away from that... more
    • Still hanging in there.Iximaz, Tue Apr 11 10:16am
      Zeb: The Luxury looks rather ashen-faced. He opens his mouth, tries to say something, and lets out a choked sob. Dax: "So, like, my hair's always kind of had a mind of its own when I'm in my natural... more
      • I am not going to draw...Huinesoron, Tue Apr 11 10:22am
        ... Zeb the Luxury. Partly because I can't decide whether it's blonde Zeb with a bikini, or catgirl Lux in Zeb's colours. hS
        • Oh jeez.Iximaz, Tue Apr 11 11:31am
          And this is why I should not post right after waking up. I just create mini-Missingno and mix-n-match agents in one go. -_- (I like catgirl!Lux, for the record...)
    • In which Levy may be starting to get a little insaneMattman The Comet, Tue Apr 11 10:05am
      Matthew walks into his RC, carrying a paper bag. Ellie , Toby , and Ajax all have their eyes glued to the TV Matthew : Heya Ajax, how yah feeling? No response Matthew ( Holding up the bag ): I gotcha ... more
    • Intervieeews.Huinesoron, Tue Apr 11 9:59am
      Kaitlyn: So I hung out with that Time Lady, Morrigan or whatever her name is, but got a bit lost come morning. Sooo I hid behind a waterfall. There were mushrooms. ^_^ Morgan: This is... is anyone... more
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