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Farewell, Angel-Face, we hardly knew ye. :(
Tue Apr 11, 2017 3:36pm

E.V.L.: "...I'm becoming more and more convinced that the one bloody kill I've had was just a fluke. If I don't get another before dying, Pony Boy is NEVER going to let me live this down."

Cupid: "That's what I get for trying to talk people into appreciating my sense of humor, I guess. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to snag a few rounds of the good stuff... It's been a long week."

Backslash: "Oh, don't mind me, just trying to survive out here... Everyone else be damned by this point..."

Suta: "When's the next meal? I'm staaaaarving!"

  • Day 5: Movie MutilationsHuinesoron, Tue Apr 11 9:39am
    Still right where it's always been . Search up 'Day 5'. In which we're now down to 21 Tributes, and five Districts with only one player each... but still no District eliminations. Day 6 may end up... more
    • Day 5 even-laterviews.Novastorme, Sat Apr 22 2:49pm
      Apollo: Spent the day on the move, felt like someone was watching me, so I tried to lose them as best I could... I think I've gotta move again, bye. Kaatah: I'm never going near Luxury again... more
    • Day 5 lateterviewLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Tue Apr 18 8:30pm
      The Enervated Rat-Catcher Yeah, dunno. Nuffin much's happened. I saw a lightsaber fight. And I saw someone sharpenin her hair. But other'n that, nuffin much's happened.
    • Post-Day Five: Holo-Acacia (and Friends)PoorCynic, Wed Apr 12 10:48am
      Holo-Acacia : I don't think that was an overreaction. There are only three things The Phantom Menace should be praised for: the soundtrack, the final battle, and Ewan McGregor. Everything else is... more
    • I Like Stuff (Interview)The Triumvirate, Tue Apr 11 5:54pm
      Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain I am not a hoarder, little voice in my ear. I'm looking for something to use for shoes, since the ones that let me survive well are gone. ...okay, fine, maybe I wanted the dragon... more
    • Farewell, Angel-Face, we hardly knew ye. :( — SkarmorySilver, Tue Apr 11 3:36pm
    • Revenge of the FifthAegis, Tue Apr 11 2:49pm
      Jack: wearing the stupidest grin "LIGHTSABER DUELS! Ah, nothing finer. You do a couple of backflips, a couple of impractical, flashy sword swings, shout something vague about the high ground, and... more
    • And it's down to only Saki for me.Sergio Turbo, Tue Apr 11 10:48am
      ... Which, conside4ring she's the least skilled of my four contestants for this edition, is quite something unexpected. Shiro Now I understand why Sergio said it's better to stay away from that... more
    • Still hanging in there.Iximaz, Tue Apr 11 10:16am
      Zeb: The Luxury looks rather ashen-faced. He opens his mouth, tries to say something, and lets out a choked sob. Dax: "So, like, my hair's always kind of had a mind of its own when I'm in my natural... more
      • I am not going to draw...Huinesoron, Tue Apr 11 10:22am
        ... Zeb the Luxury. Partly because I can't decide whether it's blonde Zeb with a bikini, or catgirl Lux in Zeb's colours. hS
        • Oh jeez.Iximaz, Tue Apr 11 11:31am
          And this is why I should not post right after waking up. I just create mini-Missingno and mix-n-match agents in one go. -_- (I like catgirl!Lux, for the record...)
    • In which Levy may be starting to get a little insaneMattman The Comet, Tue Apr 11 10:05am
      Matthew walks into his RC, carrying a paper bag. Ellie , Toby , and Ajax all have their eyes glued to the TV Matthew : Heya Ajax, how yah feeling? No response Matthew ( Holding up the bag ): I gotcha ... more
    • Intervieeews.Huinesoron, Tue Apr 11 9:59am
      Kaitlyn: So I hung out with that Time Lady, Morrigan or whatever her name is, but got a bit lost come morning. Sooo I hid behind a waterfall. There were mushrooms. ^_^ Morgan: This is... is anyone... more
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