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Post-Day Three: Holo-Acacia (and Friends)
Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:15am

Holo-Acacia: Jelly.

She holds up the Jellificator and blows across the barrel (despite the fact that there is no actual smoke coming out of it).

An important part of any balanced breakfast of butt-kicking!

You know, 'cause you put jelly on toast. Or a bagel, I suppose, if you're more into that. I think I screwed this up. Can we do the bit again?


Back at the lab, a whiteboard has been set up next to the monitor, which now has a shot of Holo-Acacia curled up next to Evangeline. On the whiteboard are various technical doodles and random brief notes. One such note, "HUMOR PROTOCOL NEEDS WORK," has been underlined. Only Naas is present, and his attention is focused on the monitor.

DStA: (From somewhere out of sight) Naas!

The quarian quickly taps a few buttons. The monitor changes, now showing the jelly incident on a loop. He turns to face Daphne and Tess as they step into view.

NGvH: Doc?

DStA: Have we gotten that information on the jelly gun yet?

NGvH: I got waitlisted. The tech said the request needed to be put through to Makes-Things.

TJ: But he's in the Games right now!

DStA: Ugh! The tangled weaving of this department continues to frustrate me. Naas! Get it through other means.

NGvH: You mean hack our own systems?

DStA: I would never say that.

She turns to the whiteboard, picks up a marker, and writes "DO IT" in big green letters.

NGvH: You got it, doc.

The camera feed ends.

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        Steele *waggles eyebrows*
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