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twistedwindowpane (Twistey)
I said! Any questions! :P
Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:33pm

And also, here's a funny question for you. One of my two "hired mercenary" characters tends to throw insults around a lot when angry. What are your favorite insults to use against Mary Sues and OOC characters (and some obviously silent things you've thought in the direction of their authors)?

Insults from that particular character I've come up with so far: "Succubus", "spawn of an Eldritch being", "writhing ball of fanservice", "To call you by that name would be an insult to the real one!". Can't wait to hear what y'all come up with!


  • Okay then.twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Mon Apr 10 4:57pm
    ...Not sure what to put here, other than to acknowledge that I read your message. Is there anything else that I need to know, or that you (the PPC) would like to know while we wait for me to get a... more
    • I said! Any questions! :P — twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Wed Apr 12 5:33pm
      • Friend.The Triumvirate, Wed Apr 12 7:31pm
        While we do appreciate your interest in us, we don't all sit around formulating questions in case something like this happens. All of us have things to do - work, school, et cetera - that don't... more
        • I don't have a life...?twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Thu Apr 13 5:42pm
          Yep. It's official now. I just don't anymore. I usually get on the Board after school at the same time as doing homework (in the words of another Scratch user, "I can't be productive at all!"), so I... more
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