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Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:56am

I'm pretty good. I joined a community orchestra and have been learning to play the viola, although I am on a break this semester. I started writing fanfics on AO3 under Miah_Arthur. They are all in Haven for now. It's a tiny fandom, but was good for a new fanfic author. I have just about finished one in Star Trek Voyager, so branching out. I've played a lot of Fallout, and some Dragon Age, and the new PS4 import of Skyrim. We're up to 6 cats now (8 if you count the two that show up occasionally), so I think I have cemented my status as Crazy Cat Lady.

Warcabbage is good. He's thinking about opening a food truck. How crazy is that? Still has the same job he did before. Still makes amazing beer, but now also makes his own sausage, smoked meats, and roasts his own coffee. He'd be hipster material if his job didn't demand he keep clean shaven, so the gas mask can seal properly.

You're not going to believe this, but my oldest is now 17! He's a junior in high school. He plans to go to college to study microbiology and genetics. He's particularly interested in defeating antibiotic resistant bacteria. His science classes are doing things that 20 years ago were practically science fiction! They genetically engineered glowing bacteria this week, and he has a project he is planning for microbiology next year to combine bacteria from hot springs with strep to see if it will make them more susceptible to antibiotics. It kind of blows my mind. When I was in high school, the school couldn't even get enough money for us to dissect worms, forget pigs, and he's altering the genomes of bacteria. He'd probably get annoyed if I didn't mention that he is in Quizbowl and his team won state last year, and is about to play for state again this year.

The middle kid (15, sophmore) has put us all through some truly awful times (himself included). He's living with my mother permanently now, but it seems to be good for him. He's happy up there, and that school has a better art program. He is a seriously amazing artist. I think he could make a living at it, he's so good.

The little one is 8 (9 soon). He's in 2nd grade. He keeps me busy. I homeschool him, and ferry him around to OT, PT, Speech (on horseback for that), Vision Therapy, counseling. He also plays violin in orchestra, does musical theater (they do the middle school level scripts, Pinocchio this spring), and a special needs, no scores kept baseball program, which has promised to let him work in the concession stand after his games. He's really, really into concession stands and playing shop right now.

He's doing amazing though. You'll like this one. He is reading A Series of Unfortunate Events for fun right now. Even more amazing is that last May he couldn't identify the entire alphabet, but with the help of Vision Therapy he's reading Lemony Snicket. That's about a 6.8 AR reading level!

What have you been up to? It's great to see familiar faces. I was kind of afraid that I'd get here and everyone I knew would be gone.

  • MIIIIIAAAAAH!!! :Ddoctorlit, Thu Apr 13 1:47am
    Oh my gosh, it's so good to hear from you again! How are you, how's the husband, how're the kids? What have you been up to? What grades are your kids up to? We're working on making the invite link to ... more
    • Updates — Miah, Thu Apr 13 2:56am
      • Re: UpdatesMattman The Comet, Thu Apr 13 10:15am
        Recoils slightly that an Oldbie has a kid in the same grade as himself
        • Re: UpdatesMiah, Fri Apr 14 9:45am
          If it makes you feel any better, I am about ten years older than some folks that joined the PPC ten years before me.
        • I've triedMiah, Thu Apr 13 1:54pm
          I've tried to get him to look at the PPC, but he's a total luddite. If the school didn't require him to use the school issued laptop, he would barely even touch a computer. He's not on social media,... more
          • That is rather peculiar.Scapegrace, Fri Apr 14 5:49am
            At least he's driven, I suppose; I wouldn't want the world to lose out on the self-eating vegetable (an invention that children the world over consider deserving of a Nobel Prizr for Everything Ever) ... more
      • other updatesdoctorlit, Thu Apr 13 9:21am
        Oh, man. Your kids are amazing. You must be so proud of them! I've moved out of my parents' house into a little condominium. It's five minutes from the zoo, so it's a lovely save on gasoline. I also... more
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