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I've tried
Thu Apr 13, 2017 1:54pm

I've tried to get him to look at the PPC, but he's a total luddite. If the school didn't require him to use the school issued laptop, he would barely even touch a computer. He's not on social media, and has an old flip phone with $5.00 worth of texts and calls a month just so he can get me to pick him up after Quizbowl practices. He doesn't even see the point in having a smart phone. It's shocking for a teenager.

  • Re: UpdatesMattman The Comet, Thu Apr 13 10:15am
    Recoils slightly that an Oldbie has a kid in the same grade as himself
    • Re: UpdatesMiah, Fri Apr 14 9:45am
      If it makes you feel any better, I am about ten years older than some folks that joined the PPC ten years before me.
    • I've tried — Miah, Thu Apr 13 1:54pm
      • That is rather peculiar.Scapegrace, Fri Apr 14 5:49am
        At least he's driven, I suppose; I wouldn't want the world to lose out on the self-eating vegetable (an invention that children the world over consider deserving of a Nobel Prizr for Everything Ever) ... more
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