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twistedwindowpane (Twistey)
I don't have a life...?
Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:42pm

Yep. It's official now. I just don't anymore.

I usually get on the Board after school at the same time as doing homework (in the words of another Scratch user, "I can't be productive at all!"), so I apologize for the constant nagging and... rather annoying/stupid/stalkerish behavior. It's the fourth quarter and I'm still drunk on all the after-school freedom I didn't have last year... wow, me. (Or maybe it's just the ADHD and the fact that I emotionally invest myself way too much in everything I do.) Also, now that I think about it, I'd been itching to put the "insults" question down for a while, seeing that you'd be likely to come up with a lot of great stuff. You tell me on your Board tutorial that it's bad to double-post, so I just added to the thread.

Perhaps I could provide the basic info about me, though, considering that it'll give people context and would be the first thing you'd ask once you've got. I am a girl from Colorado and do a lot of writing/character creation/looking up OC guides and examples of what not to do, so I'm pretty sure I know what constitutes a Mary Sue. In terms of fandoms I'm a jack of almost all trades, but honestly a master of none, except for maybe those fandoms that have a small amount of canon material. To reiterate something I said to Huinesoron, I discovered the PPC through a "What I Really Do" meme of a Mary Sue, and was curious as to what this "PPC" was that it spoke of. So, now you know about me in all my painfully extroverted glory.


  • Friend.The Triumvirate, Wed Apr 12 7:31pm
    While we do appreciate your interest in us, we don't all sit around formulating questions in case something like this happens. All of us have things to do - work, school, et cetera - that don't... more
    • I don't have a life...? — twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Thu Apr 13 5:42pm
      • ...may I point you in the direction of the Das Sporking community? They are admittedly prone to swearing in a number of their sporks, but if that doesn't bother you, then I highly recommend pretty... more
        • Oh, and by the way...twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Tue May 2 5:25pm
          I ate your Swiss Bleepolate after happening upon one of those weird H**ler fan arts that make you usually think "eh, that couldn't exist, people are too smart" until you actually see it. The... more
        • "Category blocked: Adult/Mature Content." YEP. (nm)twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Tue Apr 18 5:48pm
        • Gladly will take that.twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Mon Apr 17 4:58pm
          I'll try and check that out! (As long as my computer doesn't block the site. I'm gonna have to use this one when I talk to you guys because I'm pretty sure this is the only one that lets me clear... more
          • Lemme know if the following should be redone as a new threadtwistedwindowpane (Twistey), Wed Apr 26 5:55pm
            Hey! I've been looking for someone to review fanfic written by a friend of mine, and I Googled for quite some time now and still haven't found anything that would present a possibility (some say they ... more
            • Tough question Hieronymus Graubart, Sun Apr 30 12:08pm
              Iím not sure how many Boarders actually look so far down. Despite that, we donít appreciate a new thread repeating a question thatís still on the first page of the board. On the other hand, the board ... more
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