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Yaaay! (nm)
Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:01pm

  • Paging cat-serving LotR nerds:Scapegrace, Thu Apr 13 7:43am
    This is relevant to your interests. =]
    • Yaaay! (nm) — eatpraylove, Thu Apr 13 9:01pm
    • In a hole on the carpet. . . Aegis, Thu Apr 13 8:45pm
      . . . there lived a kitten. Not a nylon, bright neon hole, filled with ragged stuffed mice and cheap plastic bells. Nor a scratchy, dirty, coarsely covered hole, with neither grass nor a scratching... more
    • That's amazing.DrGonzo, Thu Apr 13 4:07pm
      I know what my cat-lover of a friend is getting for his birthday.
    • WowMiah, Thu Apr 13 2:38pm
      That is the coolest cat tree I've ever seen.
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