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Lily Winterwood
-cough- Hello, oldbie here looking for some help!
Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:33pm

I'm doing a linguistics independent study on fandom, social media usage, and language shift, and I would love it if you guys could answer this super-quick survey for me!

Link is here:
And if your browser has an anti-redirect thing, you can find the direct link here here.

I'm especially interested in collecting data from people who don't use Tumblr as their primary social media platform, especially for fandom purposes. But everyone is welcome to take it. I look forward to your responses!

    • Done (nm) (nm)CodeCom, Sun Apr 16 7:35am
    • And done. (nm)& (nm)Hardric, Sun Apr 16 2:58am
    • Have also done the thing.Zingenmir, Sat Apr 15 11:02pm
      Good to see you back, however briefly. I'd say we should at some point try to finish/edit our number of old cowritten missions and actually post them, but it doesn't seem too high on either of our... more
    • Done and dusted. SeaTurtle, Sat Apr 15 5:08pm
      Though I'm not sure how much help my answers would be, considering my current main fandom is building and painting and playing with overpriced plastic army men.
    • Done! (nm) (nm)DrGonzo, Sat Apr 15 4:41am
    • Or did you just want this community's responses? —doctorlit, always double-checking
      • Disseminate it everywhere!Lily Winterwood, Fri Apr 14 11:26pm
        I'm examining especially people who are relatively new to fandom, as the age and experience caps on the demographics section indicate, in comparison to people who were at least there around the... more
    • Done. Also, welcome back! *offers hug* (nm)eatpraylove, Fri Apr 14 10:53pm
    • Done, and welcome back! *tosses Spikes* (nm)SkarmorySilver, Fri Apr 14 7:08pm
    • Help.Daniel Stretulch, Fri Apr 14 4:40pm
      Hi, I was partway through the quiz when I got distracted. I came back and it was on the "Which ones?" page. What does it mean by that?
      • It was probably something like Lily Winterwood, Fri Apr 14 4:47pm
        'which social media platforms have you moved between' or something. Especially if it's at a text entry box.
    • Never throught of 'Discourse' as a fandom termLonelyStar, Fri Apr 14 3:12pm
      Guess you do learn new things every day. I had a bit of a problem with the 'social media platform' questions, given that I'm not very social and don't use social media that much. I ended up putting... more
    • Finished! (nm)1visible, Fri Apr 14 2:43pm
    • Done!The Triumvirate, Fri Apr 14 2:25pm
      Happy to help you. I hope I answered everything as well as I could! --Calliope
    • And done.Iximaz, Fri Apr 14 2:02pm
      I'll admit, I've not seen the term 'discourse' used for fandom before. Also, since you're back on the Board (maybe), do you think we might get some more missions...? :)
    • Quiz taken! =DS.M.F., Fri Apr 14 1:55pm
      And I'm somewhat surprised at myself for recognizing all those definitions.
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