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Storme Hawk
I can be free for a day.
Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:42pm

Just let me know exactly which day and I should be able to take some time off studies and be there.

  • So... PPC Gathering in London, anyone?Iximaz, Fri Apr 14 10:52am
    My family's got our plane tickets confirmed, and we'll be arriving in the UK on July 17th and going home July 25th. My family knows I'd love to meet some PPCers while I'm over there (and I think... more
    • So far:Iximaz, Sat Apr 22 5:29pm
      It looks like we'll actually be in London for a few days, and my parents are more than happy to do a Gathering on July 22 (Saturday). I'm trying to persuade them towards a museum trip, but any other... more
      • I'm always a fan of the museums.Huinesoron, Mon Apr 24 6:59am
        But of course, you need to specify which ones... We have the Natural History and Science Museums side by side, which is always my #1 default, but if you prefer stuff that's a) made by people and b)... more
        • I'm in favour of NSM!Matt Cipher, Tue Apr 25 11:41am
          Then again, I'm in favour of pretty much anything relatively close (Still afraid I won't figure out the Underground systems and get lost)
        • Personally I'd prefer either the Natural History or Science Museum, but like I've said before I don't really mind. Although the other two times I've been to the Tate were quite funny. Mainly because... more
          • I do feel...Huinesoron, Mon Apr 24 8:00am
            ... that stuffed CAFs, dinosaurs, other megafauna, shiny rocks, and an option to head down to Steampunk Central are more PPCish than a bunch of art. But 'at's me. hS
        • I'd also like to stick my vote in...Scapegrace, Mon Apr 24 7:06am
          For the Tate Modern and the Geffrye Museum; the former is a beautiful art gallery, the latter is the surprisingly-fascinating museum of front rooms.
      • Pub crawls in London are expensive. =]Scapegrace, Sun Apr 23 11:25am
        No, were it up to me I'd drag you all seal-watching, but it isn't. =]
      • My name isn't Scape so...Novastorme, Sun Apr 23 7:35am
        PUB CRAWL! Seriously though, I don't mind.
    • Wish I couldCodeCom, Fri Apr 21 10:49am
      But I'm a bit strapped for cash
    • Alas, not for me and Phobos.Neshomeh, Wed Apr 19 9:15am
      It just didn't quite work out, between moving suddenly and a bunch of other stuff. Maybe next year! I will keep saying this until it's true! {= D ~Neshomeh
    • London, London... Londwhere?Huinesoron, Tue Apr 18 9:36am
      OH! London! I remember that place. ^_^ We should be available for parts of that time. Saturday is often a good day, because, y'know, no work. Sunday is also fine, though more of London tends to be... more
    • Love irony sometimes...DrGonzo, Fri Apr 14 11:20am
      I'd be in the UK usually, but I'm going to be in the US on those dates, so I'm afraid I can't come.
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