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Done! (nm) (nm)
Sat Apr 15, 2017 4:41am

  • -cough- Hello, oldbie here looking for some help!Lily Winterwood, Fri Apr 14 1:33pm
    I'm doing a linguistics independent study on fandom, social media usage, and language shift, and I would love it if you guys could answer this super-quick survey for me! Link is here:... more
    • Have also done the thing.Zingenmir, Sat Apr 15 11:02pm
      Good to see you back, however briefly. I'd say we should at some point try to finish/edit our number of old cowritten missions and actually post them, but it doesn't seem too high on either of our... more
    • Done and dusted. SeaTurtle, Sat Apr 15 5:08pm
      Though I'm not sure how much help my answers would be, considering my current main fandom is building and painting and playing with overpriced plastic army men.
    • Done! (nm) (nm) — DrGonzo, Sat Apr 15 4:41am
    • Help.Daniel Stretulch, Fri Apr 14 4:40pm
      Hi, I was partway through the quiz when I got distracted. I came back and it was on the "Which ones?" page. What does it mean by that?
      • It was probably something like Lily Winterwood, Fri Apr 14 4:47pm
        'which social media platforms have you moved between' or something. Especially if it's at a text entry box.
    • Done!The Triumvirate, Fri Apr 14 2:25pm
      Happy to help you. I hope I answered everything as well as I could! --Calliope
    • Quiz taken! =DS.M.F., Fri Apr 14 1:55pm
      And I'm somewhat surprised at myself for recognizing all those definitions.
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