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If you're interested in things like what not to do...
Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:40pm

...may I point you in the direction of the Das Sporking community? They are admittedly prone to swearing in a number of their sporks, but if that doesn't bother you, then I highly recommend pretty much everything they've done. They're a community of sporkers who essentially take both bad fanfiction and bad published fiction (including things like the Twilight Saga and Fifty Shades of Grey) and actually go through it line by line and chapter by chapter (with some summarizing, of course) and take apart what it does well and what it does poorly. They also fill in research fail and use pictures, gifs, memes here and there, and even bring in fictional characters as guest sporkers (which can get hilarious). A lot of them have also written fanfic of their own, and they have an attached spitefic community (essentially, either different takes on the badfic/book scenes or an active take-down). One of the sporkers (Gehayi) is a long-time editor, and I believe a number of the others have degrees that sometimes come in handy--Ket Makura, for example, knows a lot about mythology and religions. Stuff like that. They're currently moving from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth (that is, from to, but that's still in progress going by what can be found at the Dreamwidth site right now. There's also a (now a bit out of date) list of main sporkings and another of shorter ones, though you can also just scroll down.

I'm recommending them because I think they're good and entertaining and rather educational, and because I feel I've learned a lot over the past, uh, I think it's a number of years of reading them, now. Das Mervin, the owner, was even involved with Deleterius when it was still around--the equivalent of an oldbie, though I don't think she's ever been a Boarder. But if you're looking to learn about writing and character design and especially what to avoid (and also what people would like to see more of--the comments are full of that!) I'd definitely recommend them. So long as you don't mind some swearing, that is. It's generally not too bad, but the F-word certainly appears. (Basically, they're frequently NSFA--Not Safe For Alleb, who is a Boarder with higher standards than the Not Safe For Work tag. Your own mileage may vary.)

There are also a number of other sporks. Dan Bergstein's Twilight sporks are *hilarious*; he also did Harry Potter reviews, though I'm not sure I read them. He also did the reverse-gender Twilight book on his blog, which I think is something like There's also Mark Reads (and Mark Watches, and who knows what else), though he's generally more reviews than writing tips, and the Snark Squad (, who...I think also swear some? To about the same level. So also NSFA. They're less thorough than at Das Sporking, but still amusing. They do a mix of TV shows and books. (Das Sporking usually just does written stuff, but they did do the Twilight movies and I think ZeldaQueen did at least some of the A:tLA bad track of the name, but Iximaz also missioned it.)

Anyway. Hopefully some or all of these prove both interesting and accessible to you.

And good on you for not double-posting--that's always nice. It does help to adjust your expectation of potential replies on the Board to something more like four days than two--people do have a tendency to get busy or need time to think about how to respond (often while being busy) so there really isn't always a quick response time here. That's not to say there never is, but we do frequently move somewhat slowly, especially at a time when the university crowd, at least, probably has exams.

And on a final note: I remember that meme! I remember when Lily Winterwood was making it. If you go to the talk page for the Mary Sue wiki page (I believe that's it), you can even find both the discussion and the first version of it.

Anyway, (belatedly) welcome! Have the first Swiss Bleepolate I've given out in, uh, I don't know how long anymore. I take it you do write some fanfic, outside of the PPC-inspired-ish one you've got planned?


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