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On Bleeprin and Boarders/Agents/PPCers
Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:51am

I'm pretty sure I have yet to see an outright Bleep addiction, though there certainly are overdose effects (mainly to do with memory issues, IIRC). Also, now I've started thinking about the Bleep versions of things that haven't really shown up yet, and...Bleepotatoes? That is, mashed potatoes with Bleep in them? How about Bleepizza? I'd totally go for that. And what about Bleepfries Ketchbleep? Ketcheep? Ketcheep is probably the best name I'm going to come up with right now. Might be a little harder to manufacture food with mixed in Bleeprin--for one thing, it wouldn't keep as long or as well--but I'd be very amused to at least see an agent joking about it sometime. Because, really, there kind of is a Bleep version of least, where 'everything' means painkillers, candy, and alcohol or coffee.

Re: terminology...

PPCer, in my experience, tends to mean a Boarder. I suppose an agent might use it as well, but the general usage I've seen has been for Boarders (whether they've written missions or not!). Feel free to correct me if you've seen it used differently, though.

(The Wiki, meanwhile, actually says it refers to both Boarders and agents, which does make sense. I do wonder what the current usage is, though, and whether Boarders or agents are currently more likely to be referred to as PPCers...maybe that should be a question in the PPC Survey, when it returns?)

Boarder is used for, well, a Boarder: a real, living person who makes posts on this PPC Board. Again, this applies to everyone regardless of whether or not they have Permission. I am a Boarder; Huinesoron is a Boarder; the newbies are Boarders. I'd say that intention to stick around for at least a little while (and also posting, of course) is the main criterion for being a Boarder, though if someone feels differently, they're of course welcome to put in their own definition.

And lastly, an agent, as you said, is a character created for missions (and/or just general life in the PPC canon!) This character might be based on you (a self-insert or a semi-self-insert), or an original character, or an original character based on a recruited/rescued bit character or character replacement or even reformed Sue. Plenty of options.

I...don't think I follow your last paragraph very well, though that may be because I'm getting rather tired by now (long and busy day, this was). Your post below (which is the main one I'm replying to, actually) says you meant 'PPCer' as 'Boarder' here, but...that's not making it any clearer for me, since it sounds more like you're talking about agents. Would you mind further clarifying or rephrasing?

Thanks and goodnight (and I hope the terminology definitions helped),


  • I am smart person.twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Wed Apr 12 5:10pm
    I guess I was just thinking of the effects of a bad fanfic, then. Plus the fact that there's dispensers of Bleeprin everywhere and a Bleeprin version of everything? My idea is that it probably would... more
    • On Bleeprin and Boarders/Agents/PPCers — Zingenmir, Sun Apr 16 12:51am
      • Ketcheep?!twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Tue Apr 18 5:41pm
        Oh gosh, more Bleep stuff... Everybody seems to have a thing for that thing... (After thinking about Ketcheep for a while, I suddenly thought it sounded like a... weird ship... I'll spare you.) Okay, ... more
    • Or did I have the wrong term there?twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Sat Apr 15 10:32am
      Is "PPCer" the same thing as "agent" or "Boarder"? I meant the latter in that previous post. -Twistey
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