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For the most part
Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:21pm

After 6:00 PM Eastern Time during the week. I usually hang out in the writing room if I'm available.

  • EvilAI, I hereby issue to you a challenge.Novastorme, Mon Apr 17 5:26pm
    We shall meet in a contest of both luck and skill. When are you able to meet me on the field of battle? I've no idea why I'm using such weird wording either...
    • For the most part — [EvilAI]UBEROverlord, Mon Apr 17 6:21pm
      • Sounds good.Novastorme, Mon Apr 17 6:31pm
        I'm normally in Writing when I'm on as well. I'm Ihavenoinsurance on Showdown.
        • The battle is about to begin. Novastorme, Tue Apr 18 7:26pm
          Come join us:
          • Victory has come. Novastorme, Tue Apr 18 7:35pm
   Thank you EvilAI for such a brilliant game. At the start I honestly thought you had it, even if it didn't turn out that way. gg wp.
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