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Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:58pm


Isn't it funny that you should returnbie a few months after I become a returnbie myself! How hast thou been?

  • HiMiah, Thu Apr 13 1:21am
    Hello PPC. I was thinking about dropping into chat, and found that it is a different beast these days. I was wondering if I could get an invite?
    • MIAH! — HerrWozzeck, Mon Apr 17 9:58pm
    • Hello returnbie.Hardric, Fri Apr 14 2:50pm
      Please have a pot of black-hole coffee, and a self-updating guidebook of all the deathtraps in the multiverse.
    • Miah! Long time no see!Iximaz, Thu Apr 13 1:52am
      Have a plate of welcome-back SPaGhetti!
      • Thanks!Miah, Thu Apr 13 2:59am
        It's good to see you, too. After I posted, I was looking back through the Board, and saw you have 75+ missions now? Whoa! That is seriously impressive.
        • It's eighty now. ^w^Iximaz, Thu Apr 13 10:01am
          Unfortunately, depression hit me like a truck and I haven't written much since November. I'm on meds that seem to be working so far, though, so I hope to change that soon. I saw the post about your... more
    • MIIIIIAAAAAH!!! :Ddoctorlit, Thu Apr 13 1:47am
      Oh my gosh, it's so good to hear from you again! How are you, how's the husband, how're the kids? What have you been up to? What grades are your kids up to? We're working on making the invite link to ... more
      • UpdatesMiah, Thu Apr 13 2:56am
        I'm pretty good. I joined a community orchestra and have been learning to play the viola, although I am on a break this semester. I started writing fanfics on AO3 under Miah_Arthur. They are all in... more
        • Re: UpdatesMattman The Comet, Thu Apr 13 10:15am
          Recoils slightly that an Oldbie has a kid in the same grade as himself
          • Re: UpdatesMiah, Fri Apr 14 9:45am
            If it makes you feel any better, I am about ten years older than some folks that joined the PPC ten years before me.
          • I've triedMiah, Thu Apr 13 1:54pm
            I've tried to get him to look at the PPC, but he's a total luddite. If the school didn't require him to use the school issued laptop, he would barely even touch a computer. He's not on social media,... more
            • That is rather peculiar.Scapegrace, Fri Apr 14 5:49am
              At least he's driven, I suppose; I wouldn't want the world to lose out on the self-eating vegetable (an invention that children the world over consider deserving of a Nobel Prizr for Everything Ever) ... more
        • other updatesdoctorlit, Thu Apr 13 9:21am
          Oh, man. Your kids are amazing. You must be so proud of them! I've moved out of my parents' house into a little condominium. It's five minutes from the zoo, so it's a lovely save on gasoline. I also... more
    • Re: HiMaslab, Thu Apr 13 1:46am
      Try this:
      • Re: HiMiah, Thu Apr 13 2:58am
        Sorry, the link says it is expired. How have you been?
        • Re: HiMaslab, Thu Apr 13 1:52pm
          No problem! I've been good! Here, try this one:
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