The Triumvirate
Did You Just (Interview)
Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:34pm

Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain

Did you honestly just push me down an elevator shaft?
You turned my death into a mockery. I spent an entire night figuring out how to turn one of my most useless parts into a weapon, and then... you shove me down a shaft.

Well, then. I won't repeat the threats and oaths I gave as I fell - for a variety of reasons. But realize that I meant every one of them. I'll find you, Rat, and carry them out.

Now, then... nineteenth place. Not too bad, really; I do wish I had won, but given my disadvantages, I'm not surprised that I didn't. Had fun with a few of the deaths, met a few honorable Agents - all in all, not a bad experience. Minus those couple of times where I lost my head a little.

Well, time to get back to the RC. Here's hoping it's still reasonably intact...

  • Day 6: RAAAAAR.Huinesoron, Tue Apr 18 7:29am
    Right where you left it , search for 'Day 6'. In which we have our first district elimination, and I structure the entire episode around avoiding explaining why someone is wildly OOC. hS
    • Day 6 InterviewsNovastorme , Sat Apr 22 2:57pm
      Apollo: Gotta admit, didn't think I'd survive a run in with a dragon, but it was actually quite good, even if they did leave me before I woke up. I really need to sort my sleep cycle out. I heard the ... more
    • Post-Day Six: Holo-Acacia (and Friends)PoorCynic, Thu Apr 20 7:54am
      Holo-Acacia : Holo-Acacia is currently sitting underneath an artificial tree. There is a concerned look on her face, although it's a bit difficult to tell as her entire form keeps flickering and... more
    • Interviewing!Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 5:38am
      Kaitlyn: I'm making frieeeends. I made friends with this awesome lady who has a steampunky dragon, I am so jealous . I think we got on really well, too - she was certainly much more fun than the Time ... more
    • Day 6 on-timeterviewsLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Tue Apr 18 9:04pm
      The Enervated Rat-Catcher *The bags on his eyes are deep and long and his face has gone red. He is in a sort of daze, leaning against a rock. He looks very enervated.* Hello, PPC legend Acacia Byrd,... more
      • May I also add, Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Tue Apr 18 9:54pm
        that this episode, in particular, was absolutely bloody adorable? Those children are both bloody funny and also really, really accurate to how children act. I suppose you got experience with them,... more
        • Thank you! :-)Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 5:45am
          It's been astonishingly difficult working up the motivation to write the episodes (which is why they keep being both late and weird - 'Dafydd talks to camera' is just dull), so it's good to know the... more
    • Did You Just (Interview) — The Triumvirate, Tue Apr 18 5:34pm
    • ... which is quite good for a character who, in her orginal badfic, was pretty much dead before the story even began. Also, she's probably going to get angry at Daphne for her interpretation. Saki... more
      • But how can you be mad at Daffy? She's adorable.Huinesoron, Tue Apr 18 5:55pm
        She just wanted to be a magical princess! hS
        • And Saki's pretty jealous of her own cuteness.Sergio Turbo, Tue Apr 18 6:05pm
          Don't expect her to be fully rational - she's a twelve years old ball of hyperactivity. But that's also the reaso why she's not goign to be angry for long, I guess. By the way, the image I linked was ... more
          • Yeah, but be kind to the five-year-old. ^_~Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 3:49am
            She's only seen one anime episode ever (at a friend's house), so when you say 'Japanese girl' she immediately jumps to 'magical school uniform'. She'd pretty much wear that if you told her she was... more
            • Pfahaha.Sergio Turbo, Wed Apr 19 6:46am
              Now you'rem aking me believe Saki might be the Nursery's favourite contes-wait. Wait. The Nursery kids are watching the Games?
              • Worrllll...Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 8:14am
                ... this particular group of kids are involved because they're in the Buds and Sprouts, and because Dafydd's whole family are involved in that movement. I don't think the Illian kids actually go to... more
                • Not to play devil's advocate too hard, but...Scapegrace, Wed Apr 19 7:15pm
                  Wobbles is a fairly popular figure in the Nursery - and she's in it. I guess it might mean more kids watch it, but at the same time... will the younger kids want to watch HQ's non-ironic Krusty... more
    • Wobbles the Clown is smuggling technology.Scapegrace, Tue Apr 18 11:59am
      Wobbles "If I so much as brush past technological artifacts Bad Stuff starts happening sharpish" the Clown. Is smuggling. Sci-fi. Technology. Well then.
      • It's a screwdriver.Huinesoron, Tue Apr 18 12:11pm
        Not a sonic, laser, or hyper screwdriver. Just a screwdriver. "You don't think this is technology? Show me one in Middle-earth, then!" hS
        • Jewellers use them. Your move. =] (nm)Scapegrace, Wed Apr 19 2:12am
          • What, in Middle-earth?Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 3:55am
            Elven jewellers just, like, sing the pieces together, dwarves hammer them, and humans are too dirty and stupid to make any jewellery in the first place. ^_^ More seriously, in our history,... more
    • Hoooo boy.Iximaz, Tue Apr 18 11:37am
      Dax: "Avandra's [censored], was a 20 Constitution not enough to save me from that? Did I not get a saving throw? The rules of this universe are stupid." She folds her arms and fumes; her hair, which... more
    • Noooo!Neshomeh, Tue Apr 18 10:00am
      Caprice: *sigh* Well, that was embarrassing. Also painful. But at least I'm in the top twenty! Which is kind of why I did it? I was thinking, you know, there's not that many of us left, maybe it's... more
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