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Yes, you sent me those!
Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:48am

I think we do have all the DMFF stuff; I've also got the Goddess trio's original Suefics from the Pit backed up. (Though what the authors would think of those being saved for posterity . . . I don't know. <.<)

The one thing I would love to have for the Wiki, that seems to have disappeared for good, was Elvea's fanart of Meneltari from the top of this page:
But in the long run, better to have all the text stuff saved. I can't whine too much over an illustration. *shrug*

—doctorlit has a hazy plan to eventually hand-draw art for all the characters missing page images someday, but it's lowest-low priority, if only to stave off the resulting damage to other Boarders' vision as long as possible

  • Oh, wow!Neshomeh, Wed Apr 19 9:13am
    That's awesome! Kudos for having great luck and the sense and/or courage to try it! I sent you that other stuff from the DMFF at some point, too, right? Lemme see... "Sue Phrases" and the "Tolkien... more
    • Yes, you sent me those! — doctorlit, Wed Apr 19 9:48am
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