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Misplaced Flora and Fauna.
Wed Apr 19, 2017 1:16pm

Here, have a link!

DMFF agents have also shown up in at least one issue of the Multiverse Monitor, namely the one dealing with the aftermath of the 2013 Blackout. I think it's the May edition. In the relevant article, they were ensuring that the various creatures and objects that had ended up in HQ went back to the right places in the right canons.


  • DMFF?DrGonzo, Wed Apr 19 1:03pm
    I've never heard of that department. Could someone please explain?
    • Misplaced Flora and Fauna. — Zingenmir, Wed Apr 19 1:16pm
      • They did the same thing...Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 2:45pm
        ... at the end of Of Wolves and Fellowship , helping out with returning a chunk of forest to its correct time. I even namedropped Joe. ^_^ hS
        • I should update this department's wiki page.Neshomeh, Wed Apr 19 5:21pm
          I, uh, kind of left that whole "Department/Division Page Update" project half-finished, didn't I? >.> I got a bit hung up on DOGA... there's so much relevant material to go through. o.o By the way,... more
          • Incidentally,doctorlit, Sun Apr 23 7:49am
            if there's ever a link or something that you want me to host on my site so you can link it from a wiki page, just let me know and I'll pretend to try to get it up in a timely manner. —doctorlit ... more
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