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Honestly? Who cares?
Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:51pm

Trying to make it an official timeline would make the hierarchy of the PPC even more blatant. As it is, we've already got a bit of a problem (just my opinion, sorry, but it's what I've seen) where people who've been around long enough have a sort of tenure, and giving them the ability to point at an official calendar and say "I've been here longer than you, that's why XYZ!" won't really help matters.

  • Huinesoron Scale of Newbie/OldbienessDaniel Stretulch, Wed Apr 19 4:42pm
    I've been looking back over the Huinesoron Scale of Newbie/Oldbieness and I started wondering how it could be updated over time. (original here:... more
    • I should point out that whole scale was a joke.Huinesoron, Thu Apr 20 3:41am
      The fact that I immediately used it to crown my wife Magnificent Tsarina of the PPC was probably a hint in that direction. ^_^ hS
      • SmootDaniel Stretulch, Fri Apr 21 2:44pm
        The Smoot was originally a joke too.
    • Honestly? Who cares? — Iximaz, Wed Apr 19 4:51pm
      • What do you mean by "tenure"?Neshomeh, Thu Apr 20 11:40am
        The way I understand it, tenure means you have a contract that says you can't be fired from your job for a certain period of time. Not sure how that concept applies to a community where we all hang... more
        • Just to briefly use myself as an example:Iximaz, Thu Apr 20 12:07pm
          Do you think people would have been so willing to forgive my meltdown in March if I hadn't been around as long as I had? That's what I meant by 'tenure'. A sort of immunity to behaviors that wouldn't ... more
          • I certainly hope so.Huinesoron, Thu Apr 20 12:51pm
            Here in the UK, there has for several years been active pushing of the 'it's okay to talk about mental health issues' message. So yes, I certainly hope that if a newbie had a meltdown of that kind,... more
          • Not if that was all you ever did.Neshomeh, Thu Apr 20 12:27pm
            But it's not. Fortunately for all of us, we've gotten to see more of you on your good days than on your bad ones, so we know that's the exception, not the rule. Making a good impression to start with ... more
          • Can't speak for anyone else, but I would have. (nm)Scapegrace, Thu Apr 20 12:14pm
      • Making sure newbies aren't ingoredDaniel Stretulch, Wed Apr 19 10:25pm
        As a newbie, I love how welcoming the PPC has been to me and I would hate to do anything to ruin that atmosphere. That said, it might be possible, if reworked with care, for a list like this to... more
        • The Welcome MatDrGonzo, Thu Apr 20 12:05pm
          As a newbie myself, I feel that I have really been welcomed with open arms onto this wonderful community. Seriously, you guys are awesome. But, we need to explain a few more things on arrival. I know ... more
          • Behold, a mystic oracle...Neshomeh, Thu Apr 20 12:46pm
            The PPC Wiki ! I kid—Iximaz already pointed the wiki out, and I know it's not the be-all, end-all of information. It is impersonal, too. Not the same as having a live person to talk to. I did... more
          • You're talking about the Big Sib system.Iximaz, Thu Apr 20 12:13pm
            You can check out the page on the Wiki here . It's been around for a while but it's never really taken off, which makes me sad. As for the 'more examples of stories', there's always the Other... more
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