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Uh, Suta doesn't have her kill listed on the latest chart.
Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:40pm

I had the biggest, dumbest grin on my face as soon as I read about said kill, though. I know the RNG doesn't play favorites, but I still hope that if Suta doesn't win, she still goes down fighting. She's been stealing the show for my taste and I'm thrilled to see that she won't be leaving the Games empty-mouthed. XD

Backslash: "Where IS everyone? They're either too scared to fight me, or they think I'm too annoying to spend the night with. I'm not fond of either possibility. *Sigh* I miss Whitney already..."

Suta: "I seriously wanna say 'I told you so', but I'm not outta the woods just yet, literally! Anyway, protip, Kaitlyn: Don't even try to goad a Big Jaw when she's gone for three days without anything to eat. Yeah, like that'll go well.
"Also, I'm in the top 15! Whoo, go me! *triumphant roar*"

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    • Uh, Suta doesn't have her kill listed on the latest chart. — SkarmorySilver, Wed Apr 19 8:40pm
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