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Post-Day Six: Holo-Acacia (and Friends)
Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:54am

Holo-Acacia: Holo-Acacia is currently sitting underneath an artificial tree. There is a concerned look on her face, although it's a bit difficult to tell as her entire form keeps flickering and artifacting.

I see-see-see-see-see-seem to be SUFFERING from some sort of tech-tech-technical error. Rorre lacinhcet-hcet-hcet-hcet fo tros emos. I am detecting a grrrrrrrrreat deal of co-co-co-CO-co-CO-corruption in my memory baaaanks. Emergency rebooting may be-be-be required.


The lab is a mess. There are bits of paper and pictures everywhere. The whiteboard is now covered with various panicked notes (along with a few curse words, which have been blurred by the camera's automatic filter). Naas is typing away on his computer, while Daphne peers at the screen from over his shoulder.

DStA: Have you been able to trigger a reset yet?

NGvH: I'm trying, but the system isn't responding. Not sure if that's because of the hacking or interference from the actual Games location.

Tess runs up and hands a tablet to Daphne.

TJ: The latest readings, Doctor St. Auguste. Degradation has increased another eight percent. She may not be able to keep her form together much longer.

Daphne pulls at her hair (which is noticeably messier than usual).

DStA: Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable! This is clearly sabotage! Someone is out to get the plug pulled on our holo-agent program. Probably those [EXPLETIVE DELETED] AI rights people. I've told them dozens of times, the holo-agents have no sentience and are thus not true AI! We are no longer in the business of making AI!

Naas and Tess pause in their actions and give Daphne an odd look.

TJ: Don't you mean 'we are NOT in the business of making AI,' ma'am.

DStA: Never mind that! Tess, get me a meeting with the Hornbeam. And Makes-Things, if he's back. Also, scrounge up a list of any hackers in the PPC who could do something like this.

TJ: Yes ma'am.

DStA: Naas! Do whatever has to be done to keep Holo-Acacia online.

NGvH: Don't have to tell me twice, doc.

The camera feed ends.

  • Day 6: RAAAAAR.Huinesoron, Tue Apr 18 7:29am
    Right where you left it , search for 'Day 6'. In which we have our first district elimination, and I structure the entire episode around avoiding explaining why someone is wildly OOC. hS
    • Day 6 InterviewsNovastorme , Sat Apr 22 2:57pm
      Apollo: Gotta admit, didn't think I'd survive a run in with a dragon, but it was actually quite good, even if they did leave me before I woke up. I really need to sort my sleep cycle out. I heard the ... more
    • Post-Day Six: Holo-Acacia (and Friends) — PoorCynic, Thu Apr 20 7:54am
    • Interviewing!Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 5:38am
      Kaitlyn: I'm making frieeeends. I made friends with this awesome lady who has a steampunky dragon, I am so jealous . I think we got on really well, too - she was certainly much more fun than the Time ... more
    • Day 6 on-timeterviewsLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Tue Apr 18 9:04pm
      The Enervated Rat-Catcher *The bags on his eyes are deep and long and his face has gone red. He is in a sort of daze, leaning against a rock. He looks very enervated.* Hello, PPC legend Acacia Byrd,... more
      • May I also add, Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Tue Apr 18 9:54pm
        that this episode, in particular, was absolutely bloody adorable? Those children are both bloody funny and also really, really accurate to how children act. I suppose you got experience with them,... more
        • Thank you! :-)Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 5:45am
          It's been astonishingly difficult working up the motivation to write the episodes (which is why they keep being both late and weird - 'Dafydd talks to camera' is just dull), so it's good to know the... more
    • Did You Just (Interview)The Triumvirate, Tue Apr 18 5:34pm
      Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain ELIMINATED: 19TH PLACE ... Rat. Did you honestly just push me down an elevator shaft? You turned my death into a mockery. I spent an entire night figuring out how to turn one of my... more
    • ... which is quite good for a character who, in her orginal badfic, was pretty much dead before the story even began. Also, she's probably going to get angry at Daphne for her interpretation. Saki... more
      • But how can you be mad at Daffy? She's adorable.Huinesoron, Tue Apr 18 5:55pm
        She just wanted to be a magical princess! hS
        • And Saki's pretty jealous of her own cuteness.Sergio Turbo, Tue Apr 18 6:05pm
          Don't expect her to be fully rational - she's a twelve years old ball of hyperactivity. But that's also the reaso why she's not goign to be angry for long, I guess. By the way, the image I linked was ... more
          • Yeah, but be kind to the five-year-old. ^_~Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 3:49am
            She's only seen one anime episode ever (at a friend's house), so when you say 'Japanese girl' she immediately jumps to 'magical school uniform'. She'd pretty much wear that if you told her she was... more
            • Pfahaha.Sergio Turbo, Wed Apr 19 6:46am
              Now you'rem aking me believe Saki might be the Nursery's favourite contes-wait. Wait. The Nursery kids are watching the Games?
              • Worrllll...Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 8:14am
                ... this particular group of kids are involved because they're in the Buds and Sprouts, and because Dafydd's whole family are involved in that movement. I don't think the Illian kids actually go to... more
                • Not to play devil's advocate too hard, but...Scapegrace, Wed Apr 19 7:15pm
                  Wobbles is a fairly popular figure in the Nursery - and she's in it. I guess it might mean more kids watch it, but at the same time... will the younger kids want to watch HQ's non-ironic Krusty... more
    • Wobbles the Clown is smuggling technology.Scapegrace, Tue Apr 18 11:59am
      Wobbles "If I so much as brush past technological artifacts Bad Stuff starts happening sharpish" the Clown. Is smuggling. Sci-fi. Technology. Well then.
      • It's a screwdriver.Huinesoron, Tue Apr 18 12:11pm
        Not a sonic, laser, or hyper screwdriver. Just a screwdriver. "You don't think this is technology? Show me one in Middle-earth, then!" hS
        • Jewellers use them. Your move. =] (nm)Scapegrace, Wed Apr 19 2:12am
          • What, in Middle-earth?Huinesoron, Wed Apr 19 3:55am
            Elven jewellers just, like, sing the pieces together, dwarves hammer them, and humans are too dirty and stupid to make any jewellery in the first place. ^_^ More seriously, in our history,... more
    • Hoooo boy.Iximaz, Tue Apr 18 11:37am
      Dax: "Avandra's [censored], was a 20 Constitution not enough to save me from that? Did I not get a saving throw? The rules of this universe are stupid." She folds her arms and fumes; her hair, which... more
    • Noooo!Neshomeh, Tue Apr 18 10:00am
      Caprice: *sigh* Well, that was embarrassing. Also painful. But at least I'm in the top twenty! Which is kind of why I did it? I was thinking, you know, there's not that many of us left, maybe it's... more
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