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Post-Day Seven: Holo-Acacia(?) (and Friends)
Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:09am

The lab is still a mess from the previous day. The whiteboard is now almost completely blank, with only a very simple drawing of a sad face on it. Daphne and Nass are sitting rather glumly at their workstation. Well, Naas are: Daphne is actually slumped over the workstation, face down, with a bottle of some sort of brown liquid in one hand. There isn't much liquid left.

Tess staggers in, bags under her eyes, and takes a seat next to Naas.

TJ: What a disaster. Were you able to recover anything of the hologram's programming?

NGvH: Only the memory banks. The personality core is… somewhere. I don't know. Apparently our networks were designed by that human mathematical artist while he was in the middle of migraine.

TJ: Escher? Wouldn't surprise me.

Tess reaches over and pulls the bottle out of Daphne's arms. She uncorks it and takes a big swig.

TJ: I suppose 15th place isn't bad.

NGvH: What kind of soft upbringing did you have where 15th 'isn't bad'?

TJ: Out of 60? It's not bad.

It's only now that the two techs notice the camera.

TJ: Oh! Uh, sorry. I guess we should say something? An official statement.

NGvH: Sure, I'll say something. We were absolutely robbed.

With one final drunken snort from Daphne, the camera feed ends.

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