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Behold, a mystic oracle...
Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:46pm

The PPC Wiki!

I kid—Iximaz already pointed the wiki out, and I know it's not the be-all, end-all of information. It is impersonal, too. Not the same as having a live person to talk to. I did try to write the main page with newcomers in mind, though, so I'd love any feedback about how well it introduces the PPC and various information. (And, er, do people even look at the main page?) I think it does address where to find more missions and other stories, at least.

As for a who's who, that's harder. There are rather a lot of us, with people coming (yay!) and going (boo!) somewhat frequently. You may encounter some names you recognize in the various FAQs, but many of the people who worked on those have since moved on. You can look up some of us on the wiki, but that will only get you so far, since not all of us have devoted a lot effort to building a user page. (Which is fine! Our home is here, not there.)

I guess the only real solution is for everyone to individually introduce themself a little bit when welcoming a newbie—just a little "hi, I'm Soandso, I write Agents Thus and Such" with maybe a link to your user page, or website, or story hub, or whatever.

Not everybody welcomes every newbie, though. There is no perfect system, I fear.


P.S. Hi, I'm Neshomeh. I'm a Permission Giver here. Here's my user page, and here's my PPC website. {= )

  • The Welcome MatDrGonzo, Thu Apr 20 12:05pm
    As a newbie myself, I feel that I have really been welcomed with open arms onto this wonderful community. Seriously, you guys are awesome. But, we need to explain a few more things on arrival. I know ... more
    • Behold, a mystic oracle... — Neshomeh, Thu Apr 20 12:46pm
    • You're talking about the Big Sib system.Iximaz, Thu Apr 20 12:13pm
      You can check out the page on the Wiki here . It's been around for a while but it's never really taken off, which makes me sad. As for the 'more examples of stories', there's always the Other... more
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