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Dear lord. XD
Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:35am

Backslash and Suta are being interviewed together. Backslash looks rather uncomfortable, especially since he's sitting right next to the tyrannosaur he shot to death that day.

Backslash: "I... I guess I'm in the final seven, aren't I? That can't be a good sign."

Suta: "Don't beat yourself up over it, little furry guy! You're doing a great job of staying alive, and that's what counts! Survival of the fittest and whatnot."

Backslash: "I shot you. I literally shot you down the throat. Why did I do that? If we could've just TALKED a little more..."

Suta: "Hey, at least I barely made it into the top ten. And really, didn't you even listen to what I told you before I barreled at you at top speed?"

Backslash: "Mouth-first, mind. I reacted on instinct and muscle memory from Dino Crisis."

Suta: "Pfff. Yeah, my bad for making an awful first impression. But really, it was gonna be down to either you or me if we both ended up being the top two. I didn't want you having to make that choice. Though to be fair, I DID have my stomach in mind when I made it for you. Sorry 'bout that!"

Backslash: "But... But I thought we were from the same district!"

Suta: "Knowing everything else that's happened thus far, districts are a moot point by now. It's everybody for themselves, like it or not."

Backslash: "Dear Bionis..." *He buries his face in his hands and scarf.* "So, uh, no hard feelings, right?"

Suta: "Not at all, actually. I had a lot of fun with these games - I made a few friends, got to find out what you furry thingies taste like (blech)... and really, there were others around here who went down in less dignified ways. Anyway, best of luck to ya, mammal guy! I'm sure you'll do great in the last few rounds!"

Backslash: "I just hope I don't die to poisoning. Steel-type immunity and all."

Suta: "Don't worry. Just keep suriving and doing what you're doing and who knows, you may even win! I'd knock on wood but, well... I've got a big head and little arms..." *She winks, teeth bared.*

Backslash: "Was that a reference to something I don't know?"

Suta: *smirks* "Yes, indeed it was."

  • Day 8: The Oncoming StormHuinesoron, Thu Apr 20 8:52am
    Let me put it like this: there were 14 Tributes. There are now 7. And someone has surpassed Holo-Acacia's kill-count. hS
    • The Incoming Storme interviews.Novastorme, Sat Apr 22 3:06pm
      Apollo: I never saw my death coming, literally. Although I really want to meet Suta outside of this now. She didn't have to pretend to want to snuggle for warmth, although it was kind of fun to play... more
    • Dear lord. XD — SkarmorySilver, Fri Apr 21 10:35am
    • She's got as many kills as the rest of her district combined. Which, considering Shiro and Ami played well and in line with expectations, is quite something. She's also already my best ranking Agent... more
    • Rigging the SystemAegis, Thu Apr 20 4:23pm
      ((No I don't want to apologize and you can't make me.)) Jack: *ahem* "Right, you'll want to hear about that, won't you? Okay. I first got the Idea after I heard they were restocking the Cornucopia. I ... more
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