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Friday Forum: New week, new post.
Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:29am

So it's a Friday and I figured we might as well still do this. So forgive me for not being able to do any fancy headings or stuff like that and let's jump into this weeks news:

Fandom News

Well E3 happened. New games galore! So many in fact that I won't mention them all here. Any favourites? Any you dislike? Anything you really wanted to see but didn't? For me I'd of loved to see Elder Scroll 6, but you can't get everything. Whilst Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon look... interesting and Anthem looks like an awesome new game from Bioware so I can't wait.

Outside of E3 Warhammer 40,000 is about to be launched into it's 8th Edition with a whole new array of changes to both game-play and lore as they finally step outside the 41st millennium.

Anything else I've missed in any of your fandoms? Let me know down below (hey that rhymed).

Silly News

Uh... not got too much for you here. Besides a Nigerian athlete's wig falling off during the long jump:

Serious News

The British Parliament is current hung. No that does not mean we've built a large set of gallows for them. It means there is no clear majority following the general election. Whilst the Conservatives have the most seats they don't have the majority needed to have won, and are thus trying to make a deal with the DUP to gain majority. Which, given the history of the DUP and the Troubles has many people (at least around where I live) worried.

At least 30 people have died in a huge fire that engulfed a tower block in London on Wednesday, there are still many missing and in hospital.

Not News

Not really got anything to go here either... Sorry folks, but if you've got anything to share go for it.


    • Oh cool! Don't know much about E3 but still. (nm)twistedwindowpane, Tue Jun 20 7:57pm
    • I'd like to direct folks's attention to the discussion page for "ROM hacks," and get opinions on whether ROM hacks count as fanfiction. —doctorlit, wanting to see a talk page get some actual... more
      • Romhacks maybe, mods definitely yes. (nm)Scapegrace, Mon Jun 19 10:50am
        • Does it not depend on both the mod and the game?Novastorme, Mon Jun 19 2:25pm
          For example I wouldn't say we could spork Skyrim mods (and by mods here I'm talking about quest mods) even though I have come across some with horrible SPaG. For Romhacks I don't think we can really... more
          • Sure, most video game mods aren't things we can spork , but I'd argue they're, generally speaking, fanproducts (which is a word I just made up to generalize fanfic, fatart, and that sort of thing).... more
            • Interesting that you guys mentioned this...twistedwindowpane, Fri Jun 23 6:34pm
              ...because I myself was wondering if there needs to be a Department of Bad Fangames/Mods, Department of Bad Fan Animations, Department of Bad Fan Comics, etc for stuff that's fanwork but not written... more
              • I suspect we could.doctorlit, Mon Jun 26 5:23pm
                After all, the Bad Role-Play Department is a thing, and role-plays aren't strictly narrative. (Boy, would I give a lot to get that spin-off back.) I do think we should put off officially creating new ... more
                • Check my reply to Tomash. (nm)twistedwindowpane, Wed Jun 28 3:07pm
                • same as everyone hosts their own missions. And, as a slight amendment, the act of publishing such a multimedia sporking could create new departments if the creator felt that it was needed. - Tomash
                  • Yeah, that's a better idea.twistedwindowpane, Wed Jun 28 3:17pm
                    So... can we all start coming up with a way to structure these videos so that they're somewhat uniform (in the way that missions have generally the sequence of events?) To both you and doctorlit, I... more
                    • MSTs vs. missionsTomash, Thu Jun 29 2:39pm
                      Missions have a lot more of a narrative around the agents, who do a lot more than just snark at the bad, and don't usually show most of the badfic (Unlike a MST, where you just interleave the... more
                      • I think I know how to do that...twistedwindowpane, Thu Jun 29 8:26pm
                        I'm already aware of the general differences between missions and MSTs (missions are more actual story, MSTs are like reaction videos), but thanks for clearing that up further. I'm pretty sure that... more
                        • My vague thoughts wereTomash, Fri Jun 30 11:49am
                          that, with sufficient time/effort/etc., you could insert the agents into footage of the thing you were missioning. - Tomash
                          • Oh, that'd be something cool!twistedwindowpane, Tue Jul 4 1:43pm
                            But still, if you were playing a game with a set storyline, there'd be no real way to get footage of the agents not following the storyline, so I think that animations would be better. -Twistey
                    • Typo. Missions have generally the same sequence. (nm)twistedwindowpane, Wed Jun 28 3:18pm
    • In the non-News cathegory: Shameless plug!Edhelistar, Sun Jun 18 4:03pm
      The Prologue and first chapter of my massive fanfic project, The Continuity Saga , is finally up in!
    • On the other side of the pondTomash, Sat Jun 17 2:24pm
      Robert Muller, the special counsel investigating the Trump-Russia collusion scandal, hired a whole bunch of lawyers, including several fraud and money laundering experts (there's an autoplaying video ... more
    • E3Miah, Fri Jun 16 10:35am
      I was terribly disappointed with Bethesda's conference. I can't remember the name, but there was a pirate game that looks great. Some of the people that worked on Black Flag are involved with it.
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