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Friday Forum: It's a forum... on Friday!
Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:20am

It's been a hectic week for me this week, but rejoice! I've found time to cobble together a Friday Forum. (We also have the Plort thread immediately below this one, which is fun, I promise!)

Please remember that, when it comes to the state of the world, not everyone will agree with you. You're free to state, discuss, and defend your viewpoint (provided it does not violate the Constitution), but please don't use that fact to attack others.

Fandom News


From the background scenery of Spider-Man: Homecoming comes a weird bit of trivia from the MCU: apparently, people are worshipping the Asgardians again. The Korean Church of Asgard, or this branch of it, is in New York. Apparently.

Silly News


The Sri Lankan navy spent the day yesterday trying to rescue an elephant, which they found swimming 10 miles offshore. Apparently it had been trying to swim between islands, but got caught in a current, because... that is a thing elephants do?

You'll be glad to know it made it back to land, with their help.

Serious News


This was the week in which Donald Trump Jr, seeing his father's campaign attacked over allegations that they colluded with Russia to swing the US election, defended himself by... releasing the emails showing him doing exactly that.

For... some reason.

The Crown prosecutor of Russia met with his father Aras this morning and in their meeting offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and be very useful to your father.

This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government's support for Mr Trump - helped along by Aras and Emin.

Not News


This is the Unnecessarily X-Essive project: every character who appeared in Uncanny X-Men: Volume 1, in simplified form. And I mean every character. Over 2500 of them.

It took the artist over two years.

... folks, it's been a weird week.


    • Woo, reaction time!twistedwindowpane, Mon Jul 17 7:24pm
      To Fandom News: Haha, that's great! I love it! To Silly News: Interesting story. Wonder why the elephant wanted to do that? To Serious News: No comment. Humans do not make sense sometimes. To Not... more
    • Not going to remember this by Friday, so:Huinesoron, Mon Jul 17 3:55am
      There's some Star Wars: The Last Jedi behind-the-scenes footage out there , and I'd just like to say: Alolan Vulpix: confirmed! hS
    • Fandom News: Doctor Who!Iximaz, Fri Jul 14 1:44pm
      Matt Cipher has just informed me that the next Doctor will be announced on Sunday!
      • YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS.Iximaz, Sun Jul 16 11:46am
        • ... in one of the Doctor Who Unbound audio books (they're AUs, and actually pretty awesome), that Time Lords will switch sex if they regenerate due to committing suicide. (The one I'm thinking of is... more
          • Nope, sorry. Exiles is non-canon. (nm)Nord Ronnoc, Mon Jul 17 8:46pm
            • Whoa, timewarp.Huinesoron, Tue Jul 18 1:33am
              It's like I already answered that once... (Seriously, people, I wasn't serious. It was just an amusing thought.) hS
              • Not funny. (nm)Nord Ronnoc, Tue Jul 18 4:31pm
                • No?Huinesoron, Tue Jul 18 6:13pm
                  Okay; I'm sorry for drawing a connection between the current announcement and a past piece of Doctor Who fiction that you don't find amusing. I believe the /other/ regeneration to female was after... more
          • I don't take Exile as canon, tbh.KittyEden, Mon Jul 17 5:36am
            This is for multiple reasons. Most of them are below, and are because this audio includes: - The Doctor drinking and vomiting (with very realistic sound effects) - Major transphobia, including some... more
              • If it helps...Huinesoron, Mon Jul 17 5:32pm
                ... here's Colin Baker saying it should have happened ages ago. Also, 'Exile' was deliberately a massive tonal shift from normal Doctor Who. The two Time Lords who come after her are basically a... more
            • This is the Whoniverse.Huinesoron, Mon Jul 17 6:47am
              Everything is canon . :D No, seriously, that's the premise of the Tardis Wikia: everything is valid to some extent. Obviously DWU: Exile takes place in a weird side universe, but that doesn't mean... more
        • HYPE (nm)CodeCom, Sun Jul 16 11:54am
      • YepCodeCom, Fri Jul 14 3:01pm
        It's being announced after the Wimbledon mens final
    • Another New Church!Maxewell, Fri Jul 14 10:51am
      With the addition of the church of Asgard, there apparently was a church of Hanzo established in Brazil! Here are some of their principles: “Preach peace and harmony on the internet and online... more
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