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It's been a long time...
Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:33am

Well, hello again. It seems that I have been infected by this, fanfic bug again after some years. I hope I had not antagonised anyone during my leave. if so, I deeply regret it and asked for your sincere forgiveness. I have been writing a new fanfic very recently, since I was smitten by Kuroko no Basuke and for some reason, decided to crossover it with Mount and Blade. it has graphic violence though, so I will be not be sharing it here.

Lastly, Hello again!

    • Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!twistedwindowpane, Mon Jul 17 7:10pm
      Hey, it's a returnbie! Take this returnbie gift! *hands you a replica of the Spear of Destiny* Doesn't work like the original, that'd be too dangerous in a Boarder's hands. I'm interested in this... more
      • As of right now...darklordaakmal, Tue Jul 18 5:50am
        I am interested in Kuroko no Basuke, Mount and Blade, ERASED, Black Lagoon, FATE series, and most recently, Re:Creators. I had a fling with Silmarillion once, but I grew distant from it. . I have... more
        • Thanks for the gift! The spear is mostly decorative.twistedwindowpane, Tue Jul 18 7:39pm
          1. The original spear is an occult artifact that one can use to summon demons, but is better off safely stored in the iD Software 'verse than in the hands of any Boarder. Thus, the replica is just a... more
        • Gilgamesh's TreasuryRemnantShadow, Tue Jul 18 6:09am
          It's called Gate of Babylon, or king's treasure in kanji. It's nice to see another Fate fan. Out of curiosity, do you follow the rest of Nasuverse as well?
          • Not by much.darklordaakmal, Tue Jul 18 6:12am
            I have seen the Fate/Grand Order movie, a little of Kaleido Prisma Illya Ruby, the DEEN Fate, and UBW. Haven't played any games or visual novels of the franchise, their genres just isn't my type.
            • What about kara no kyoukai?RemnantShadow, Tue Jul 18 6:52am
              The novels were pretty good, and the anime movies are as well. It's a shame you aren't interested in the rest, since you appear to like worldbuilding. Nasuverse is a very rich world to explore.
              • No, haven't watched or played it yet.darklordaakmal, Tue Jul 18 7:06am
                I am just not into visual novels. As for the nonexistent anime, I haven't the time to watch it yet. I had other obligations. This is the reason only now am I able to return to fanfic writing.... more
                • Clarification neededRemnantShadow, Tue Jul 18 8:17am
                  What do you mean by leaving? If you meant reaching the root, it's not exactly a portal that leads outside.
                  • If I recall Nasuverse correctly...darklordaakmal, Tue Jul 18 8:22am
                    As technology progresses, magic and magecraft becomes weaker and weaker. I am not referring to reaching the Root. That is another thing that I do not understand fully. Tolkien's magic has the same... more
                    • Also, about the rootRemnantShadow, Tue Jul 18 10:03am
                      It is technically called "outside the world" but there is a slight technicality here. The root is the source of all souls, all phenomena, it is everything and nothing at the same time. Everything... more
                    • Aha, I see what you meanRemnantShadow, Tue Jul 18 9:37am
                      Yes magecraft is getting weaker as humanity grows stronger. However this does not actually affect magic as the phantasmal species that are governed by mystery simply moved to the reverse side of the... more
      • Add in the parenthesis to the search bar or it won't work.twistedwindowpane, Mon Jul 17 7:11pm
        Weird formatting thing. T_T -Twistey
    • What is PPC's stance on graphic violence? (nm)darklordaakmal, Sat Jul 15 11:34pm
      • It's a bit of a fine line to toe.Iximaz, Sun Jul 16 12:03am
        Generally speaking, as long as you put warnings at the beginning of your mission to let the readers know there'll be heavy stuff, you're okay, but going into full-blown gorn is generally frowned, on, ... more
        • I have no interest in Agenting.darklordaakmal, Sun Jul 16 12:17am
          My writing skills need work, and as of now, it is barely polished, if you can call it that. I mean, about posting fanfics that I write to this place. The fanfics I wrote have people die in graphic... more
          • The effect I want to capture.darklordaakmal, Sun Jul 16 12:19am
            I want to capture the effect of turning the blood option on. As in, we could see people fight while bleeding in the game, and die with blood on it.
            • You should be careful when using gore.RemnantShadow, Sun Jul 16 4:19am
              Not just because other people might not like gore. I personally don't have anything against using gore. However, you should be careful that the violence used doesn't become cheap; everything,... more
              • What kind of significance?darklordaakmal, Sun Jul 16 6:48am
                May I use it for worldbuilding, such as pointing out the weakness of immortality? In video games, lives are cheap. But people try to not get themselves killed anyway in the games. I intend to show it ... more
                • Arright, hang on!Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Sun Jul 16 7:58am
                  Okay, pardon, but I'll need to get some clarification here and there, if you don't mind. so, what do you intend on using your gore for? You want to use it as a technique through which you can... more
                  • I will only answer regarding the last sentence first.darklordaakmal, Sun Jul 16 10:09am
                    Because I seem to fail to deliver my wish. Here goes. Later on, I want to write about a friend of one of the protagonist. He raided a caravan, and the protagonist comes to help the attacked caravan.... more
                  • about the immortality thing RemnantShadow, Sun Jul 16 8:23am
                    Well gore can be used to torture an immortal using methods that would kill a normal person. And if one could keep the immortal restrained, said gore would last forever. How does drowning for an... more
                    • That's not necessarily gore,Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Sun Jul 16 8:44am
                      that's just the experience of pain and misery. Which can, and is frequently associated with gore, but is not inherently tied to gore. I mean, you, yourself mentioned a non-gory example! Drowning... more
                      • TrueRemnantShadow, Sun Jul 16 9:07am
                        But remember, in addition to hurting the character, it should also appeal to the reader, for whom gore greatly increases the squick factor and the percieved pain. A writer can describe pain and... more
                        • AlsoRemnantShadow, Sun Jul 16 9:11am
                          Also, I used a non gore example because I didn't want to list it publicly out of deference to those who might not want to see such things on the board. I can think of some very gory examples.
                • It can be anythingRemnantShadow, Sun Jul 16 7:49am
                  I find that a lot of authors who like to use violence use it much too often. Which in turn, makes the entire thing look very artificial. Think of how the characters think, or how a gamer might... more
                  • ErghLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Sun Jul 16 8:21am
                    Aaah, I've always hated the concept of some deaths inherently meaning 'less' than others (which then, naturally, leads into the concept of other lives inherently meaning less than others.) It's an... more
                    • Couldn't have worded it better myselfRemnantShadow, Sun Jul 16 9:29am
                      And about the lesser life thing, unfortunately it also occurs in real life. Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable for some lives to mean less to specific characters. Since most pieces of fiction are... more
    • Welcome back! *tosses Spikes* (nm)SkarmorySilver, Sat Jul 15 9:10pm
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