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Mission pluggage
Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:46am

    • My thoughts on the missionson_of_heaven176, Mon Jul 24 12:32am
      Well, that's a quick palate-cleanser of a mission. Storm got her wish. But speaking of Steormęgš, SPOILERS INCOMING SPOILERS INCOMING how come she could not change back? Wouldn't the embryo become... more
    • Subjunctives?son_of_heaven176, Mon Jul 24 12:29am
      There are two spots where I am unsure if it's a typo or deliberate, namely, these: 1) as the world fade around them momentarily (IMO, I really think that it should be "faded" here to clarify what's... more
    • A few notes and a reviewTomash, Tue Jul 18 12:13pm
      Stream-of-consciousness notes: - I'm liking the concept of Targir - The pre-mission "bunch of agents complaining about work" is nice - I've never seen the console changing the fic before, but I can't ... more
    • Potential fixed link hereTomash, Mon Jul 17 11:35am
      Is this document what you meant to link to? (If so, you left the = off the href) - Tomash
      • Oops.Tawaki, Mon Jul 17 11:39am
        Yes, that's it.
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