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A revised Union flag.
Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:53am

A fairly simple update: I've just updated the Burning Sun of Ozerbord to match the Ozerbord flag, and placed a reduced star-circle of the Discord in the middle.

The flag is now symbolic at least three ways:

The Five Nations of the Union: the Sword of Jay for Borrd, the Arrow of Acacia for the Riding, the Tome for Wechi, the Burning Sun for Ozerbord, and the Starry Arch for the Discord (and also for the Five Nations).

The Five Eras of Rule: The Tome for the rule of the Protectors, the Arrowhead for their three appointed Triumvirs, the Sword for the direct rule of the barons, the Sun for the first Union, and the five stars for the newly expanded Council of Plort.

The Five Ages of Plort: The Sword for the Golden Age, the Book for the Elder Age, the Arrow for the Age of Revolution, the Sun for the Age of Union, and the Stars for the Age of Change.

Subject to approval by anyone who wants to argue. ;)


  • The Baronial Council subthread.Baron Huinesoron, Wed Jul 12 5:31am
    The doors of Otik creak open. As the rail lashes at the flagstones, Baron Huinesoron walks slowly into the council chamber. He walks with a cane, one leg trailing limply behind him, but his back is... more
    • Proceedings of the 2017 Baronial Council, Part OneHieronymus the hermit, Tue Jul 25 8:01am
      The discussion on the first subject of the agenda is closed. By votes of four to zero, Protector Tomash of Ozerbord and the Mords of the Diskord were invited to join the barons in the Council of... more
    • The Baron stood to speak once more.Baron Huinesoron, Thu Jul 20 8:04am
      Baron Huinesoron nodded in turn to Oopart, Baron PC, the Djenni, Sar Iximaz's projection, and - reluctantly - Protector Tomash. "I know it can be hard to tear ourselves away and travel to Borrd, so... more
      • "Baron Huinesoron speaks fair."Neshomeh, Tue Jul 25 9:59am
        The Djenni gave a slow blink, a sign of trust in the animal kingdom. "And indeed, it has been too long since our arts were joined in the raising of great works in this land. Let it be so: let our... more
        • "Let it be so, in peace."Huinesoron, Tue Jul 25 11:27am
          [Timeskip to after his boggling at Scape] ... turned to the Djenni and composed his expression into one of mild bewilderment. "Naught but that which I have the right to do. It was clear to me that... more
      • Per the Common Rule of Non-objectionHieronymus the hermit, Sat Jul 22 7:47am
        I speak for the Commonwalth of Wechi (supposing that Baroom, the Book Repairman, Dame Eatpraylove, Baron Neshomeh and Thunder won’t object to this). We trust our baron, and since there is precedent... more
      • The doors to the chamber swung open...Ye Scape-Grace, Thu Jul 20 3:08pm
        And revealed a motley assemblage of mostly-humanoid people. Half a dozen in total, five gathered closely around a single slender shape in the centre of the formation. On the left, a wobblingly... more
        • Baron Huinesoron's jaw simply dropped. (nm)Huinesoron, Thu Jul 20 3:11pm
          • ((angery react only =] ))Scapegrace, Thu Jul 20 4:45pm
            For real though, was this a bit much? I realise it's costume porn, but I wanted to show off how Ye Scape-Grace has changed from being proud of being unloved and unlovable to pledging her service to... more
            • Nono, it's fine.Huinesoron, Fri Jul 21 4:21am
              Baron Huinesoron most definitely regrets tying the worship of Spelin to the Diskord, and he doesn't believe for a second that Ye Scape-Grace is in any way devout. But that's because he's a grump. ^_^ ... more
              • I'd like to point outTomash, Fri Jul 21 1:24pm
                that the precise form of the worship of Spelin varies across Plort. For example, many priests in Borrd do not perform the Rite of Edyt in view of the congregation, unlike in Ozerbord, where this is... more
              • Medieval vestments explanation time!Scapegrace, Fri Jul 21 6:36am
                Apparels are lengths of fabric that were pinned to various places on a priest's main robe (the alb). However, it transpires I misspoke when detailing the one at her throat; that should be the collar... more
    • The doors of the council chamber flew openTomash, Thu Jul 20 1:02am
      and a tired-looking man in disheveled (but still rather regal) armor charged into the council chamber. "Apologies for my late arrival, Your Graces. Creating more Scraped Stones to record our history... more
    • A revised Union flag. — Huinesoron, Wed Jul 19 8:53am
    • Provisional Proceedings of the 2017 Baronial Council Hieronymus the hermit, Tue Jul 18 8:13am
      ((Keeping track has been quite easy so far. I desperately need more input!)) This Baronial Council was held from the twelfth of July until the fourteenth of July in the City of Borrd. Attendees: ((so ... more
      • A blue light appeared in the room.Sar Iximaz, Wed Jul 19 4:05pm
        It shimmered for a moment before expanding into a blue likeness of Sar Iximaz, who looked around uneasily. "I do not wish to stay long," the image said, folding its arms uncomfortably, "but I have... more
      • Sir Hardric excuses himself for his silence...Sir Hardric, Tue Jul 18 1:37pm
        Arell has been taking a lot of his time lately. Well, this and the fact he doesn't disagree with anything here and doesn't have decision powers anyway.
      • The silence stretched on.Huinesoron, Tue Jul 18 10:21am
        It had been less noticable in the first hour: broken by Ye Scape-Grace's presentation of the flag of the Discord, and Baron Huinesoron's intervention; broken by Hieronymus' proposed flag of the... more
        • A point of light appeared...Neshomeh, Wed Jul 19 12:16am
          A point of light appeared in the chair below the arms of Baron Neshomeh. It grew into a molten pinwheel and spun itself into the shape of a glowing red-gold fox. It sat primly in the chair and... more
          • Presently, the Djenni swished her tail.Neshomeh, Wed Jul 19 10:17am
            "Ah, here we are. A little connection trouble there; nothing to worry about. Ahem. I shall speak to you now with the voice of Neshomeh." Her own voice faded to a whisper, and what had been a whisper... more
        • "I am over here, Baron Huinesoron."Baron PC, Tue Jul 18 11:10pm
          A black-clad figure emerged not from one of the designated chairs, but from near one of the side walls. His face was obscured by a hood, but the features that could be made out were very clearly... more
          • "Though I am no baron...Filius Caeli, Fri Jul 21 9:14pm
            "As a citizen of this great nation, I suggest that Baron PC's suggestion regarding the Mords and Tomash be accepted. I dare not presume to speak for the esteemed barons of the Council of Borrd, but I ... more
            • "And I findFilius Caeli, Fri Jul 21 9:33pm
              "that in my haste to speak, I have spoken over other barons who have already spoken on matters that I wanted to weigh upon. My apologies. "However, I am sure that my words are part of the records of... more
        • If it please m'lord...Oopart of Barony Phobos, Tue Jul 18 10:49am
          A scrawny teenager in the heraldry of Baron Phobos steps forward into the light. "Apologies, m'lord," he says, looking like he would very much like to be anywhere but here. "The Baron Phobos will not ... more
    • Since this will affect the making of decisions –Hieronymus the hermit , Fri Jul 14 5:45am
      and the keeping of records – may I suggest that "The Expansion of the Baronial Council" be moved to the top of the agenda? Yes, thank you. In no way do I want to oppose a baron who is much wiser than ... more
    • The messenger enters the great hall of Otik.Freckles, Messenger of Kwenaya, Thu Jul 13 6:20am
      She looks startled to find the Council gathered there. Looking around, she hurries over to Baron Huinesoron, now seated beside his wife. "My lord," she says, bobbing a curtsey. The baron rubs his... more
    • Gah, keeping track of that agenda will be hard. Hieronymus Graubart, Thu Jul 13 4:24am
      Sir Hieronymus the hermit, part-time knight, archivist’s apprentice and keeper of the records, ticked off Baron Huinesoron and Knight Ælcalen on the list of attendees, while wondering whether Ye... more
      • Agenda items so far.Huinesoron, Thu Jul 13 6:21am
        -The establishment of the Discord as a nation, with lands in both the east and west. -The moving of Barony Huinesoron. -The creation of Barony Eshakhar. -The disposition of the baronial lands in... more
    • Knight Ælcalen to the dark tower cameElcalion, Wed Jul 12 9:02am
      The sound of hoofbeats filters in from the courtyard, and steps were heard on the flagstones of Otik. A figure long absent from the councils of Plort appeared through the door: Knight Ælcalen, drawn... more
    • Can't think of a name, but have a flag!Scapegrace, Wed Jul 12 7:08am
      The blue fesses represent the Discord logo itself, while the white and blue stripes on dark grey represent the text (white) and links (blue) on the chat background (grey, by process of elimination).... more
      • A redrawn and slightly edited version.Huinesoron, Mon Jul 17 5:14am
        Redrawn to scale with the other Plort flags. In place of the crown (the Discord isn't monarchaic, and we've already got the stars for the Mords), we have a symbolic representation of the Great Gate... more
      • Clarification?Huinesoron, Wed Jul 12 7:31am
        I assume the two different blues are deliberate. Are the slightly wider top and bottom grey bars also intentional? And, uh... what is the crowny thing in the icon? Internally, I like the fact that... more
        • Clarifications.Scapegrace, Wed Jul 12 7:44am
          The two different blues are indeed deliberate; so are the two wider grey bars. Discord has this too - the slightly wider top section for the name of the channel you're chatting in at the top, and the ... more
          • So the crown is your own design?Huinesoron, Wed Jul 12 8:11am
            It looks like it's based on something, is all. (I mean, it keeps giving me flashbacks to the Starbucks logo, but it's not that, obvs. ;)) You could probably invert or recolour three of the stars (or... more
            • The crown itself isn't.Scapegrace, Wed Jul 12 10:50am
              According to Flag Maker Junior, I swiped it from the flag of Tajikistan, which was very much news to me. =] As for the stars, well, they come with the image of the crown and seven major moderators... more
              • How many channels do you have?Huinesoron, Wed Jul 12 12:56pm
                Or... whatever they're called. Bits TM of the PPC Discord. Also: contest to design a symbolic crown or other emblem is now on... ;) hS
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