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Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:21am

Oh, I think so! This was the freakin' albatross around my neck, because this mission was quite a turning point for both Kitty and Alec - and just how will slowly come out in subsequent missions. (I mean, this took me ten years to finally cowboy up and do, and it took quite a long time to pull everything together when I started writing. Years worth of threads to comb through and all. There's even stuff I left out because Alec wouldn't have known since he was dead. We had a Super Saiyan Vampire. I can't make this stuff up.)

And a few dangling threads or things Alec didn't go into will definitely be explored. That's the fun thing about the epistolary format - even with a character who doesn't strictly lie, you can in many ways have an unreliable narrator.

  • Holy crap, look who's back!Iximaz, Sat Jul 29 12:16am
    *obligatory glomp and poke* Have a plate of fresh SPaGhetti! I really liked the mission... thing. Log? I'll call it a log, since that's what it really reminded me. A sort of apocalyptic log detailing ... more
    • :V — Chatvert, Sat Jul 29 8:21am
      • :)Iximaz, Sat Jul 29 8:47am
        So that means the next one can be expected in... oh, five years or so? Plenty of time for you to hang out on the Board! I'll try not to get too excited about future writings, but I do think it's... more
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