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Matt Cipher
That... was absolutely cute!
Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:30pm

And I am proud to know my ship is sailing mighty fine!

Oh geez, and now I'm getting kinda sad because [rot13] Ybggvr nqzvggrq gung (ng yrnfg) fbzr cneg bs ure vasnghngvba jvgu Vk vf orpnhfr bs ure oybbq... :/

Okay, thank you Olivine for almost bouncing off of the Fourth Wall. Very nice nod to Rina :D

Okay, Olivine is definitely me. Let others fight, I'll just be over there, providing commentary.

Aaaand the end, which I'm still squeeeeeing over. That was completely and totaly adorable, and I just want more of S.S. Tooth & Claw!

  • And a new interlude.Iximaz, Sat Jul 29 10:42am
    Ix and Charlotte go to the courtyard in the aftermath of their last mission.
    • Re: interludedoctorlit, Wed Aug 2 2:12pm
      This was nice! Goes to show my own lack of emotional depth: I assumed the encounter with Randy would have been a lot more hurtful to Ix than Apecian's offhand comments, so I was rather startled when... more
      • Thanks for the fix.Iximaz, Wed Aug 2 2:18pm
        And I don't think you missed anything; it's just that Ix is used to having her body hijacked and she's left not in control of it, but other people commenting on her looks strikes a very, very raw... more
    • That... was absolutely cute! — Matt Cipher, Sat Jul 29 6:30pm
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