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Oh, and—
Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:19pm

Are you planning to add this to the wiki, or would you mind if I did it?

~Neshomeh, PPC Archivist

  • Hello, citizens, I return from the depths to provide you with... Mission Title: Valcentica, Selected Field Reports Canon: Harry Potter, sort of Rating: T, for swears Agents: Trevelyan, A. Time... more
    • Yay!Neshomeh, Sun Jul 30 3:18pm
      It makes me so happy when things like this aren't just left to die. ^_^ It's also comforting to know I'm not the only one with ten-year projects still waiting to be completed, and that people are... more
      • :DChatvert, Mon Jul 31 9:51am
        The site was a thing, I will tell you that. Alec's omissions will be coming out, at least partially, in an interlude that I'm working on right now! And I'm comforted, too...I honestly thought nobody... more
    • Re: missiondoctorlit, Sun Jul 30 8:40am
      Hey, there! Just want to say, I was really excited to see you pop up again, and then really excited again when I realized what you were posting! I had read the blurb about Valcentica on your... more
      • Thank you!Chatvert, Mon Jul 31 9:53am
        Thanks so much! I'd been dragging my feet on this, because it was such an undertaking. But yes, a little bit of history is filled in now. :D I'm so glad you think his voice still came through! I was... more
    • Oh man, that was *awesome*.Zingenmir, Sun Jul 30 3:04am
      I recognized the story within the first few lines, and basically went, "Oh, it's this! Yesss." Because I vaguely remember reading something about it and wishing that more of the story was already... more
      • :DChatvert, Mon Jul 31 12:16pm
        Oh! Hello DawnFire-that-Was! I am so sorry for the delay, truly; I never meant to hold the community in suspense for this long! And yeah, I had to go by thread dates, so it was all in... more
    • I may have said this already, but I love this. I mean, creating an ENTIRE NEW CANON probably qualifies as its own level of deliciously wacky. I feel sorry for the Agents... Okay, more sincerely sorry ... more
      • YaaasChatvert, Mon Jul 31 10:34am
        Lol don't be sorry, this was ten years ago and everyone in this forum was a high school edgelord. Including me. HENCE ROCKS FALL EVERYONE DIES. In the process of writing some! Just finishing an... more
    • Holy crap, look who's back!Iximaz, Sat Jul 29 12:16am
      *obligatory glomp and poke* Have a plate of fresh SPaGhetti! I really liked the mission... thing. Log? I'll call it a log, since that's what it really reminded me. A sort of apocalyptic log detailing ... more
      • :VChatvert, Sat Jul 29 8:21am
        Oh, I think so! This was the freakin' albatross around my neck, because this mission was quite a turning point for both Kitty and Alec - and just how will slowly come out in subsequent missions. (I... more
        • :)Iximaz, Sat Jul 29 8:47am
          So that means the next one can be expected in... oh, five years or so? Plenty of time for you to hang out on the Board! I'll try not to get too excited about future writings, but I do think it's... more
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