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Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:16pm

Oh! Hello DawnFire-that-Was!

I am so sorry for the delay, truly; I never meant to hold the community in suspense for this long! And yeah, I had to go by thread dates, so it was all in chronologically-experienced order for Alec, but not for HQ, haha. The reports were all arranged by how he experienced them.

And don't worry; Kitty will be back soon, though a little less loopy than before. All of this kind of changes a person, you know? (She'll still be such a foil to Alec, so their dynamic won't change one whit.)

  • Oh man, that was *awesome*.Zingenmir, Sun Jul 30 3:04am
    I recognized the story within the first few lines, and basically went, "Oh, it's this! Yesss." Because I vaguely remember reading something about it and wishing that more of the story was already... more
    • :D — Chatvert, Mon Jul 31 12:16pm
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