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Turns out, we don't have a Star Wars OFU.
Wed Aug 2, 2017 8:59am

I'd like to write that, please.

Well, it's actually more complicated. The original Star Wars Official Fanfiction Academy was written by Alistair Fyrethorne and Leto Haven, but has been deleted. Leto, an oldbie and ancient of days, is no longer active, as far as I know. Thus, the original Star Wars OFU is dead, and will probably never come back to life.

Furthermore, new canon has been released, with more to come. Star Wars already has the most fics in the Movies section of the Pit, and that number will only grow. Kylo Ren redemption fics are running rampant. Poe Dameron romances will continue to spread. When will it end, PPC? When will it end? At the doors of the Star Wars Fanfiction Academy, that's where.

I jest, I jest. Really, I'd like to write this OFU because it would be lots of fun. I love Star Wars, and there is a heck of a lot of fic for it. The fact that it was already technically written, however, gives me pause.

That's my question. Does anyone have any issue with my taking over the Star Wars OFU, considering the fact that the original is gone for good and its authors are no longer active?


    • Yep, I adopted it, and yep, I'm fine with that.Huinesoron, Sat Aug 5 3:08pm
      During the Ispace Wars, I looked around for old OFUs to borrow characters from, and the SWFFA was one I stole wholesale. Given that the original is long gone, I took certain liberties with it - I'm... more
      • Awesome; thank you!Alleb, Mon Aug 7 11:58am
        Egads, I'm quite excited! I'm thinking I'll go with a second OFU, since, as you said, the original is long gone. This is going to be so fun. Thanks again, hS! Oh, yes, I remember that standalone now. ... more
        • Hmm. Not sure.Huinesoron, Mon Aug 7 12:43pm
          I think it was lifted? It doesn't look like the sort of thing I'd invent, and the Force knows* there was enough raw material to work with. (*Yes, I know, 'that isn't how the Force works' etc.)... more
    • I support it, pending Huinesoron's approval.doctorlit, Fri Aug 4 8:58am
      Much as I would love to get the original back in some fashion, I suspect it's gone for good . . . and Star Wars 's canon has changed so much in recent years, I feel that a reboot is reasonable.... more
    • I'd be onboard with that. Badger421, Wed Aug 2 11:59pm
      I'm fairly sure hS adopted Lord Haven and the rest of the original OFU, so as long as he's okay with it I'd say go wild. Worst case scenario one of the original authors comes back and then we've got... more
      • I might take you up on that!Alleb, Thu Aug 3 5:00pm
        Good betas are worth their weight in gold; thank you for the offer. Ha, I've been spending a fair bit of time on Wookieepedia too, these days. -Alleb
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