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Sar Iximaz
"What, wasn't I clear enough?"
Wed Aug 2, 2017 9:36am

The shimmering blue likeness of the baron folded its arms and sighed. "I thought it would have been obvious I was in favor of—oh, fine. Consider this the tiebreaker vote. I'm in favor of letting Wechi and the Riding have a say in the Council."

  • Proceedings of the 2017 Council of PlortHieronymus the hermit, Wed Aug 2 8:35am
    Since Plort dropped off the Board, it’s time to wrap this up. This Council was held from the twelfth of July until the twenty-fifth of July in the City of Borrd. Attendees: Baron Huinesoron Sar... more
    • CorrectionHieronymus Graubart, Thu Aug 3 8:11am
      To be fair, Baron Huinesoron never mentioned the Meibot; he spoke of Barony July’s southern tip. In an attempt to be more specific, the keeper of the records mistook a tributary for the upper Meibot. ... more
    • "What, wasn't I clear enough?" — Sar Iximaz, Wed Aug 2 9:36am
      • "Your general intention was and is clear enough."Hieronymus the hermit, Thu Aug 3 7:56am
        "But even ignoring all details, like who exactly should be considered a Beytah of the Riding of Sittorese, or whether the Beytahs are truly representative of the Riders, only you and Baron Huinesoron ... more
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